Saturday, September 10, 2011

In Focus: The Infrastructure Bankster Scam

Below is a Reuters featured Mainstream Insider overview video of a proposed infrastructure bank that is being pumped in Congress. It does not mention the banksters pushing the proposal.

Only in the Reuters text following the video is there a hint of the bankster role (my emphasis)

When you read the congressional testimony and materials about the proposed bank you always hear about the vast sums of private money waiting in the wings to be invested. When Robert Wolf, Chairman and CEO of UBS Americas and close confidant of President Obama, testified to the Senate Banking Committee last year he said:
Preqin, a private equity industry consultant, estimates that there is over $180 billion dollars of private equity and pension fund capital focused on infrastructure equity investments. This capital can play an important role in bridging state and local budget gaps.
There is no question that private money is interested in being used for loans to infrastructure projects and guaranteed by the federal government and taxpayers. It’s almost identical to senior bondholders who loaned money to too-big-to-fail banks. It’s the best setup for private money because there is no loss.

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  1. Let's take the Fannie, Freddie and Sallie model and put it toward infrastructure. So far the model shows:

    1) Super long term, low interest infrastructure bank money from Uncle Sam

    2) Guaranteed infrastructure franchise, with competition minimized to nonexistent.

    Carlyle believes public infrastructure projects will be low risk and produce 20% annual returns.

    Obama corporafornicates as well as Bush.