Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is Jamie Dimon Throwing President Obama under the Bus?

Leading bankster and JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon met privately  “in a discreet one-on-one” with Mitt Romney on Tuesday morning before a fund-raiser at Brasserie 8¹/2 hosted by Highbridge Capital, a JPMorgan-owned hedge fund, NyPo is reporting.

Dimon cannot publicly endorse a candidate because he sits on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. But he donated to Democratic candidates in 2008 and privately supported Obama. No such donation so far this year.
 Dimon  has also met with other potential Republican nominees, according to NyPo's source. Dimon may just be covering all bases. It makes sense to have a bet down on all the horses in the race, but clearly, at best, Dimon doesn't think Obama has a lock on re-election.

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  1. "Dimon has also met with other potential Republican nominees"

    Hmmm, something tells me that he hasn't met with Ron Paul yet....but that's just a guess.