Friday, September 16, 2011

Michelle Bachmann Attacks PerryCare

Continuing to pretend to be Ron Paul (Remember, I take Mises to the Beach?), Michelle Bachmann goes on the attack against PerryCare, raising concerns first raised by Dr. Paul about Rick Perry's mandate to vaccinate twelve year old girls against sexually transmitted diseases, with an unsafe vaccine.


  1. She really struggles to get her point across and never seems to actually understand whatever the hell she claims to espouse at a given time. How she still receives favorable reception is beyond me.

    She literally seems like she lost a screw or two up there. She just doesn't seem sane.

    I mean she's terrible when it comes to foreign policy and making all these empty claims about understanding economics (it clearly shows in debates she hasn't the faintest clue), it's hard for her not to be a laughing stock in my eyes.