Monday, September 12, 2011

Revolution Pac: Pretty Boys Ad

It's already getting coverage at Politico and at USA Today.

Update: WSJ is on top of the ad.

(Note: I am an adviser to the Revolution PAC)


  1. Comment on says

    "but i'd be careful with the whole "rick perry forced young girls to get a vaccine".....he put in an executive order but it was overturned....technically he "tried to force"."

    Were any girls vaccinated before his executive order was overturned?

  2. a really great one minute add. in case you contributed, nice work Mr Wenzel!

  3. I think a point that gets missed here is that Perry was FOR mandating a questionable vaccine and covering it with Medicaid (for those eligible), and he was FOR Hillarycare, but now he's "AGAINST" the Obamacare mandates.

    It's pretty obvious he's just playing politics with all these, and from his moves regarding Gardasil, it's obvious he IS a shill for big pharma.

  4. Anonymous@1:24 PM,

    I agree and I don't believe Ron Paul's campaign has even hit full stride yet. It's going to be a very interesting year indeed.

    I like the "Do you want the teacher, or the student?" line. That put a smile on my face that's going to last all day long.

  5. @ Larry,

    First, Ron Paul's campaign compares his Republican opponents as no different than the DemocRATS.
    Second, the real fun starts when his campaign contrasts his positions with Obama's. Like day and night, no pun intended.
    Third, his campaign negotiates with final presidential debate sponsors to change up the format to allow each candidate to question each other rather than totally relying on "journalists".