Sunday, September 4, 2011

The George Soros Role in the Raid on Gibson Guitars

The Environmental Investigation Agency is a radical propaganda and agitation organization. It has pushed aggressively for the government to punish Gibson for not being green enough (despite Gibson’s long-standing history of yielding to green demands). EIA is supported by billionaire George Soros, writes Andrew Langer.

The vehicle for the assault on Gibson is the Lacey Act, writes Langer was to prevent the poaching of wildlife on American land. Langer continues, "but thanks to hard green radicals and agitators such as Soros, it has been expanded in recent years as a way to police global trade in forest goods. The hallmark of overcriminalization, folks who have (unwittingly) run afoul of the Lacey Act have, quite literally, found themselves in jail, with their property taken away."


  1. Too much credit is given Soros for everything these days. If you do some research, you will find that Prince Charles (England) was a key player in this environmental push for everything green and alive. Who can forget the elephants trampling farms and plantations in African former colonies thanks to his efforts?

    The problem is with the control freaks who wind up women, in particular, to be nurturers of all things living and then get Congress or any legislative body (including set ups for their purposes) to come out with new regs to make the earth more appealing.

    One good thing about the economic turndown is that maybe more people will think about their actions when they can't just toss a few more dollars in the pot and let some one else run with their conscience.

    Alice Maxwell

  2. I ordered two Gibson guitars this weekend.

    One will have Ron Paul's picture on the back. I've dubbed it "The Musical Finger To The Man."