Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ron Paul Campaign Manager Escalates Attack on Rick Perry

Ron Paul's campaign manager Jesse Benton has sent a letter directly to Texas Governor Rick Perry, in response to Perry's attack on a Ron Paul campaign ad:
Dear Governor Perry,

After our campaign’s first ad highlighting your Big Government record and support for liberal Al Gore, your campaign is attacking Dr. Paul - missing the point of why your past is important.

We don’t think the fact that you used to be a Democrat is the big problem here. The real problem is that, too often, you still act like one. Even you yourself, Governor Perry, said of your party switch, “I will still vote the same principles, only with an R after my name.”

That's the kind of thinking that has our country teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. We cannot afford to nominate someone who thinks the letter next to their name is more important than what they believe.

Governor Perry, let me be clear: It is not that you supported Al Gore that worries us.

It is that you supported Hillary Clinton's health care plan.

You pushed for federal bailout and stimulus funds.

You support welfare for illegal immigrants.

You tried to forcibly vaccinate 12-year-old girls against sexually transmitted diseases by executive order.

You raised taxes twice.

And, state debt has more than doubled in your tenure as governor, pushing Texas to the brink of our constitutional debt limit.

It's that you supported ALL of these bad ideas that are inconsistent with how most Republicans understand conservatism, yet you now try to swagger your way into the Tea Party.

Governor Perry, with all due respect, you have used great rhetoric. But you will have to answer to the voters of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and across the country as to why that rhetoric does not match your record.
Note: According to the Washington Examiner, the Ron Paul ad that stirred up the hornets' nest is going to be run nationally during tonight's debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.


  1. It's about time Ron showed these chumps he's full of piss and vinegar and they deserve every bit of it.

    I love it. Call a spade a spade.

  2. For the life of me I cannot understand why some Ron Paul supporters are being hyper-critical of Jesse Benton's capabilities as RP's campaign manager.

    He seems to be quite a savvy and assertive young man to me thus far. Am I missing something?

  3. The Paul campaign is playing chess while the Perry hacks are playing checkers.

  4. It's amazing that Ron Paul raises enough to run his campaigns each month from individual (NOT corporate) donors unlike his opponents. He is patiently sowing the seeds in every state that will blossom by Nov 2012.

    I heard Bachmann has been very quiet lately and that her campaign is imploding with resignations/firings of campaign staff.

  5. "...piss and vinegar..."


    He sure looked spirited in South Carolina.

    Go, Ron, go!

  6. Kevin D. Williamson, huh?
    Same guy who wants higher taxes?

    So is Romney's platform going to be "Read my lips, MORE new taxes?" I think RP can live with that....

    Voila, yet another species of rightwinger - the GREENSPAN REPUBLICAN

    "Given this stalemate, it’s notable when any conservative acknowledges that taxes probably need to rise. Kevin D. Williamson of National Review has joined the list.
    “I am not, in general, in favor of tax increases,” he wrote on Tuesday, “but I think that … conservatives would do better to support a budget plan that combines real spending cuts with tax increases than to support a budget that does nothing to reduce spending but leaves taxes where they are or reduces them.”
    Mr. Williamson, welcome to Club Wagner. You’ll find that Alan Greenspan is among the other conservatives who have already joined."

  7. Ron Paul campaign is finally able to sit down at the chess table due to Ron being somewhat mainstream at this point. The other candidates are used to playing football between the 40 yard lines, RP is finally able to spread the field with substance and that is tough to defend against.

  8. @ Larry

    Because he can do really stupid things, like alienate people who actually love and support Ron Paul.
    He made (for instance) disparaging remarks about Adam Kokesh's show and RT, the network it's on, despite the fact that it is a zillion times more fair and honest than any American station, and despite the fact that Kokesh's show has always been supportive of Ron Paul and libertarian ideals.