Friday, September 16, 2011

Ron Paul Discusses the Solyndra Scandal; Takes on Cheney

Ron Paul discusses the developing Solyndra scandal from an important perspective, the government's attempt to pick winners and losers in the business sector, and the dangers of the government doing so.


  1. video not appearing.

  2. Video appearing and the MSM enablers still under the elite spell trying to trip up Dr.Paul. Not very successful again. Keep trying MSM. With bozos like Cavuto, the mild one, they still can't fathom or crack the gentleman. We now see MSM as we have been awakened from our sleep.

  3. One lesson we should have learned from the Germans is that war makes people crazy. Heck, 9/ll made the USA crazy with only 3000 dead.

    Considering the quarter century that we inflicted the Shah upon Iran, I would think they would be crazier than they are. I'll bet bombing them would make them crazier.

  4. I remember the talk in the 80's about the need to keep up with Japan's investment in the electronics industry. That they will soon eclips us and become the largest economy in the world. Those fears soon collapsed and they still have not recovered.

  5. Can Ron Paul also discuss this?

    Sibel Edmonds:

  6. Or this:

  7. Or this:

  8. Or this:


    Unscrupulous beltway hatchet man, from all accounts. Lichfield group members site was scrubbed, I noticed.

    This is RP"s Rahm Emmanuel moment.

  10. EDMONDS says pick WOODS for a legal advisor, not Fein:

    (Sibel Edmonds) "I was privy to the extensive rap sheet maintained on Mr. Fein, his foreign mob bosses and their operations at J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI. Mr. Fein is well aware of this rap sheet and the FBI’s long-maintained operations.

    "I know with certainty that if released by the FBI, whether partially or completely, it would be used as ongoing front-page headlines by the media, to bring down the entire Paul campaign before the primaries.

    "Ron Paul already has a highly-respected constitutional scholar who is articulate, eloquent, passionate, and most importantly, trust-worthy, clean, and from outside the poisonous capital beltway.

    "That person is Tom Woods. Paul does not need this man Fein. He does not need this glitzy-oily foreign lobbyist who stands in total contrast to Paul’s platform. "

    Another good choice would be Jonathan Turley (IMO). BRUCE FEIN is bad news.

  11. Fein, international lobbyist making millions out of both sides of civil war, yet too poor to pay down the loan on his house:

    South Bay Daily Breeze:

    "On her personal side, Fein and her husband were recently taken to task by the Lexington (Ken.) Herald-Leader for allowing a historic mansion to fall into foreclosure and disrepair.

    The article stated that the Feins defaulted on a $1.3 million mortgage. In the interview, Fein said that her fellow trustees in the home had been victims of unfair lending practices.

    "I have had some family members, like many Americans, that are fighting the banks and have had to face the reality of foreclosure," she said. "It's in limbo. We're in discussions to resolve the whole thing."

    The article also stated that the Feins, who were married in 2004, filed for divorce in the spring of 2008. However, they remain married.

    "Bruce is my dearest friend and closest confidant," Fein said. "He supports the prospect of me possibly being a candidate and will be with me every step of the way."

  12. MAHTAUB HOJJATI (female Chalabi)

    This WAS on the TPM Muckraker site. It's been subscribed, but I picked it up off another site where it had been republished:

    "Maybe Bush can recruit Mahtaub "Mattie" Hojjati as the Iranian Chalabi...
    ...since Mr. Chalabi worked out so well. Hell, her new think tank can even consult with Bushco about how to go about regime change in Iran. If nothing else, maybe Wolfie can get a job there once he screws up at AEI.

    Meet Mahtaub "Mattie" Hojjati. A well-connected government and business consultant Hojjati is about to embark on a new career: revolutionary provocateur. She has two missions: to hasten the overthrow of the Iranian regime, and to convince the American public to support her.

    Under the byline of Mattie Fein -- her husband is Bruce Fein, the prominent Reagan-era Justice Department lawyer last seen calling for the impeachment of Dick Cheney -- Hojjati penned an op-ed in the Washington Times last week heralding the creation of a new think tank, known as the the Institute for Persian Studies, devoted to pushing the regime over the abyss. From her perspective, the nearly 30-year old Iranian Revolution is in a terminal phase. "The cue that most of the population is looking for is international support," she tells TPMmuckraker, "but right now, they're getting mixed signals."

    New Iran Regime-Change Think Tank Opens in DC

  13. Bruce Fein defends wife's firm, before their marriage. Firm worked in the area of lobbying foreign governments, espionage, and bribery:

  14. Furthermore, what credibility does Bruce Fein have to argue against fusion centers, when he is the paid advocate for the front group of the Tamil Tigers, a group considered worldover as the deadliest terrorist group, one which has killed many more Tamils than its foes, and one which Fein himself condemned in 2004, before suddenly going to bat for them, for money, in 2008?


    Bruce Fein - international provocateur and trouble maker in South Asia.

    Perhaps a Muslim "constitutional lawyer" should represent an African or Hispanic separatist movement, seeking a separate language and state and taking a half of US or Israeli territory.

  16. Highly respected Israeli military historian Martin Van Creveld had this to say about Iranian nukes.

    "...The world has witnessed how the United States attacked Iraq for, as it turned out, no reason at all. Had the Iranians not tried to build nuclear weapons, they would be crazy. ..."

    That sentence was included in an analysis he outlined in a NYT interview from 2004. His reasoning is, at least, as valid today.


  17. I am posting the link to Sibel's 2009 deposition transcript, from the Brad Blog.
    References to Bruce Fein can be found in comment#85.

    Bernard Lewis is a neocon intellectual who has provided the foundation for he War On terror with his writings.

    People like Edmonds are worth 10 thousands ideologues, splitting hairs and keeping their dainty fingers and plush butts clear of any trouble.

  18. Oops. Turley seems to be very into global warming.
    Maybe Viera or Woods then..

    Still, Turley's excellent on all the civil rights and police state issues. FYI, I did see somewhere that RP was making approving gestures toward him.

  19. QUOTE

    "In an article titled ‘Writ Large for Terror’ in the Washington Times on February 3, 2004, Fein, referring to the U.S. designation of the LTTE as an FTO, says, “the designations pivoted on the indiscriminate use of violence by the PKK and the LTTE to intimidate civilians populations, and to cow the democratically elected governments in Turkey and Sri Lanka to capitulate to their secessionist demands.” Today, Fein charges $30,000 a month from TFJ, an LTTE front organization, to lobby for the removal of the proscription on the LTTE in the U.S. Fein, who, by his own admission has said that he was considered for the position of Attorney General, following the resignation of former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, sheepishly admits in a statement on TFJ on January 4, 2008 about his Washington Times article of February 3, 2004, “When I wrote the Washington Times article, I was not an expert on the LTTE.”

    In mid 2006, Bruce Fein approached the Sri Lanka Embassy in Washington DC with a written proposal, to “persuade the United States to support a unified Sri Lankan nation against the independence ambitions of the terrorist Tamil Tigers; to support prosecution of Tamil terrorist leader Velulpillai Prabhakaran before an appropriate tribunal for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and companion abominations; to provide counterterrorist training and equipment for Sri Lankan security forces; and, to strictly prosecute terrorism or terrorism-linked crimes perpetrated by Tamil Tiger members or sympathizers within the jurisdiction of the United States.” The magic figure was a retainer of $30,000.

    Thus, even two years after his article of February 2004, Fein remains as ignorant of the LTTE as he was in 2004. Ambassador Goonetilleke making a very pertinent observation commented that it appears Fein desires hefty payment for his education on the LTTE, with which the TFJ has obliged him.

    When the Sri Lanka government did not view his proposal positively, he made another attempt in 2007, to persuade the Sri Lanka government or its diaspora in the U.S., to engage his services at a fee of $40,000, to file an amicus curie brief on behalf of Sri Lanka, when the U.S, Court of Appeal for the 9th Circuit, took up the case of Humanitarian Law Project, et al. v. Mukasey, in Los Angeles, California.

    Eventually, having failed to lure the Government of Sri Lanka or the Sri Lankan expatriates in the U.S., Fein turned 180 degrees in January 2008, and accepted a contract from TFJ to lobby for “The Deproscription of the LTTE, and Statehood for Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka,” and to utilize his extensive network in the media, congress, senate, and executive branches of the US government, to persuade everyone to understand and support Tamil statehood. Is this a man with a principled stand?

    If there is anything constant about Fein, it would be the fee he quotes for his services and his amazing ignorance of the issues he undertakes to lobby. There is certainly nothing constant about his principles. In fact, with such an unprincipled disposition, it would not be erroneous to surmise that Fein would sell his soul for a fee, even though the 30 pieces of silver he covets are covered with the innocent blood of child soldiers sacrificed at the altar of the sun god, Velupillai Prabhakaran, leader of the LTTE."