Friday, September 23, 2011

Secret Meeting of Billionaires Held; Christie is Urged to Run for President

The effort to draft New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has resulted in a hush-hush powwow held in the past week with Christie and several notable Republican billionaires, reports Newsmax.

Because of the meeting, Christie is reconsidering his decision not to enter the 2012 presidential race — and he says he will let top Republican donors know within days about his plans, according to Newsmax.

Another source involved in GOP fundraising tells Newsmax that uncommitted fundraisers and donors have been receiving phone calls from top political aides to Christie, seeking their feedback about his possible entry into the race.


  1. Obviously they're worried about Ron Paul. Climbing in the polls, which probably soft-pedal his numbers anyway, and Perry looks like he's going to vanish as completely and rapidly as Giuliani and Fred Thompson in 2007-08.

    If it's November and Romney and Ron Paul are the two big names left, people are going to hear an awful lot of appealing ideas and concepts from Ron Paul.

    This must be avoided at all costs; if Ron Paul wins Iowa then all bets are off. Hence the search for establishment guys who have some budget-cutting or libertarian credibility (Gary Johnson suddenly being invited to the debates again, and now Christie being recruited even after he said months ago he isn't running).

    I won't say TPTB are desperate, but they are certainly concerned.

  2. Names anyone? Please post here or tweet. In any case, I suspect the NEOCONfusion to continue so long as Ron Paul is censored, blacked out, and ignored. Christie is a rising star but does he have the philosophical mettle and intellectual constitution?

  3. Ron Paul must scare the hell out of the establishment. When you see Ron Paul polling at close to 15% and that not counting most of the youth vote or blue dems then they must realize a change is coming. I'm not sure if Ron will win because I think they'll try to stuff the ballots but the tipping point has been reached. The reason I wanted Ron to run is because I thought that would get us over the edge on having a big enough group to wake up the drones. We have the numbers and the great awakening is coming in short order.

  4. They are concerned because Perry has flopped, largely thanks to the issues Ron Paul brought up, and Ron Paul is surging. They DO NOT want it to come down to Romney and Paul because then Paul would have a great chance of winning.

  5. Speaking of why the establishment is so scared, take a look at the photographs a strong Ron Paul online supporter who goes by the internet alias "cryptic" posted tonight for the LSU Ron Paul event:

    Not only are there a great deal of people, but notice how many of them are young and energetic! This truly has to terrify the establishment because this political revolution Paul has started is almost inevitable now.

  6. NJ has a draconian law that mandates flu vaccines for those in preschool and day care. We have the highest in the nation vaccine requirements.

    Christie campaigned here saying that he would give parents more of a say. I wrote several letters and emails to him reminding him of his campaign pledge to no avail. The first thing he did by the way when he was elected was name a former pharmaceutical rep as his chief of staff.

    Needless to say there were an awful lot of pissed off parents who had to write a religious exemption for their little ones to avoid the flu shot.....and a lot of others that got injected who ordinarily would not have.

    What is it with these establishment hacks and bowing down the the pharmaceutical companies with these un-American vaccine mandates? I am not anti vaccine by the way I just think its my choice and I think the flu shot is not necessary.

  7. Im all for ron paul and would love him to win more than any other candidate.

    But i think chris christie is also good. I mean youll get 70% of what you want from him. But he is thousands times better then romeny or perry.
    Another thing is he gets in peoples faces and screams there nonsence down. Which people tend to like.

  8. Christie is a Pro-TARP, pro-PATRIOT Act, former G.W. BUSH fundraiser who is also for the current terror provoking foriegn policy.

    His ONLY claim to fame is a 5 minute segment of a speech that made the rounds on you tube where he refuses to go out of his way to reschedule an event in order to speak to a teachers union that was NEVER going to endorse him anyway!!

  9. Who better to lead the American people than a grossly overweight megalomaniac with similarities to Baron Harkonnen?

  10. Yeah, and I sincerely doubt someone from New Jersey will be all that good on gun rights, either. Christie isn't an idiot like Perry, so he will do fairly well. But a lot of the Ron paul voters will not show up if someone who mirrors obama on so many areas is nominated. And Paul has created enough of a movement that his voter base will literally be the difference in this race.

  11. That last anonymous comment is right on the mark. The problem the GOP has now is that Ron Paul has enough support of the type that is going to spell another lost election for the GOP if the put up some other fake conservative.

    Personally, I think that's a good thing. I say let Obama press the proverbial accelerator down in terms of spending and like Bonner wrote on LR the other day let's give collapse a chance.

    If they get another fake conservative in there he'll probably draw the collapse out a few years longer...which is more misery for everyone.