Thursday, September 15, 2011

Soros Calls for a EuroZone Treasury

The globalists, who won't be satisfied until they control every inch of the planet, are using the current crisis in the EuroZone to call for a EuroZone Treasury, which if implemented would mean that EZ countries would lose control over their own finances, including budgets and tax rates.

The latest to call for a EZ Treasury is billionaire, global puppet master, George Soros. In a piece for the New York Review of Books, Soros writes his solution to the EZ crises:
...the European banking system would have to be recapitalized and put under European, as distinct from national, supervision...There is no alternative but to give birth to the missing ingredient: a European treasury with the power to tax and therefore to borrow.
The German people are likely to put up a good fight against such a plan, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel is clearly a global bankster tool, who would sell out Germany in an instant in favor of an EZ Treasury, if she could figure out how to do it.

In other words, the banksters haven't completely figured out the angle to push through such a Treasury, but as this latest column from Soros indicates they are continuing to push the idea at every opportunity.

An EZ Treasury means further domination by those who have political skills as opposed to business skills. It is domination by the parasitical class and should be rejected by the people of the EZ at every turn. If they think, the IMF and World Bank interfere with their daily lives, wait till they experience what an EZ Treasury would demand of them.


  1. Hitler is rolling in his grave. If he only new it was this easy. What, no blitzkrieg?

  2. Can't see the German people budging one inch on this. Instant political suicide for any german politicians that stand by this measure. It's amazing how "crises" can be more coercive than wars these days.

  3. With the world's banks teetering from political manipulation of economics and their "enlistment" in that endeavor with almost free money from the newly established authorities, you can guess the outcome. They will be happy to comply.

    As one who witnessed how post WWII Europe continued to live with whatever "currency" they had, including old francs, liras,guilders, even marks,from governments that didn't really exist, to facilitate day to day living, I think all of you are barking at the moon! people will use whatever is at hand that is made legal to buy and pay. The politicos have proven that for the last 100 years. It is not going to stop now!

    You can buy all the precious stuff you want to keep "value" and it will, but for the average joe...well he is happy that they have "capitalized" his life, essentially given him a value he can draw on to do what he wants. That was what the credit card was all about and somehow too many classic economists missed it!

    The world is not going to end! It is just a great big mall and everything is for sale! Plastic or ether, payment is an entry in a ledger worldwide. The economies of the world are just giant slot machines now and the public is crazy about it. Values went out with religion. Morals and ethics too and that's what Soros and friends are counting on.