Monday, September 5, 2011

There has been an America Foreign Policy Coup

A stunning speech delivered in 2007 by General Wesley Clark. The uprisings in the middle east won't look so spontaneous after you hear this. And what's with the aggressive cancer that Venezuela's President Hugo Ch├ívez has?



  1. Good interview. Thanks for the link.

    Seems like you have taken the Red Pill!

    You know the truth about The Fed and the Neocon takeover of U.S. foreign policy. You have had an introduction to 'revisionist history' from Ralph Raico. Now, just wait until you explore alternate explanations of 9/11, JFK, Apollo, chemtrails, etc.

    You may end up being a lot less fun at cocktail parties. But, you will know what is really going on!

  2. It is the remnants of this murderous bunch that now attacks Ron Paul for his foreign policy views. This will only intensify as more Americans embrace Dr. Paul's views. Non intervention in the region will bode well for the USA, but that will not happen with this corrupt crowd in control.