Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tweets of the Day

Tim Carney: Obama giving a job to Immelt RT : What is dem equiv of perry dining w rupert?

Blake Hounshell: So the Obama administration asked Bibi Netanyahu to lobby Congress not to cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority

Glenn Greenwald: Dianne Feinstein to spend $5 million from her/govt-contractor-husband's personal fortune to keep herself in power:

ZeroHedge: French Budget Minister Valerie Pecresse cautioned against “rumors” about nation’s banks; unclear how he feels about "facts"

Sam Antar: Memo to potential targets of Fed Solyndra probe: First in to US Attorney usually gets best deal

Lew Rockwell: During the 1930s, the Rockefellers pushed hard for war against Japan


  1. While the others are good, I like Glenn Greenwald's the best. :)

  2. Cal at Who's Your Nanny? has a decent take on Greenwald's tweet: