Friday, September 23, 2011

Tweets of the Day

Henry Blodget: Apologies... have not had time to read the "Business Insider sucks" stories yet. But will and will respond in post

Mises: The Final Day in Vienna

Pro Publica: Japanese have turned $78 million in found cash over to the authorities since March quake:

Politico: GOP-led panel investigating Solyndra is asking Speaker John Boehner for more staff:

Politico: Elizabeth Warren's campaign revises the amount she was paid as part of a congressional TARP panel:


  1. There was a top call tweeted today that's worth retweeting someday soon when gold and silver are making new highs again.

    Nouriel: Gold and silver bubble punctured...!/Nouriel/status/117356192820498432

  2. Something about that Japan story sounds Keynesian.