Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Unemployment in 7 Presidential Battleground States

(Google chart viw Market Watch)

Via WSJ, here are the electoral votes for these states:

Together they add up to 85 electoral votes.

Nevada (6)
Florida (29)
Ohio (18)
Colorado (9)
Virginia (13)
Iowa (6)
and New Hampshire (4)

The recent uptick in the numbers falls in line with the slowdown in money supply growth earlier this year. That slow money growth has been completely reversed by the Federal Reserve and we are now seeing double digit money growth.


  1. I noticed SC isn't listed(I live here). Interesting, especially given our unemployment is very high and we officially just slipped back into "recession". (I'm not sure we ever left)

  2. So are you saying that the reversal of the slow money growth will improve the unemployment numbers in these states by Nov 2012?

  3. I think this situation favors Obama. A lot of people out there wrongly believe their problems were caused by free markets. They will be looking for handouts and that's what will be promised.

  4. Bob, where are you getting this information about double digit money growth?

  5. Allow the situation to become dire enough that people will be desperate for any solution. Who said never let a crisis go to waste? Just look back at any crisis (911 & the Patriot Act).

  6. I think Obama will state on Thursday that it is time to exterminate corporate jet owners because they are the cause of the misery. Maybe just send them to a gov-camp at first.

    Sieg Heil, All