Monday, September 26, 2011

What Ron Paul Should Say

Best selling New York Times author, and historian, Tom Woods says it should be this:
“We have just experienced one of the worst financial disasters in history. If we think we can prevent a repeat of this by reforming the tax code and repealing a few regulations, we have lost our minds. We need serious, systemic changes, not some talking points from 1982, but that’s all we’re hearing on this stage.

“My supporters are always on my case that I should criticize my opponents more and boast about my record. I prefer to keep the discussion on the level of ideas. But this moment in history is so crucial to our future, and Americans are so uneasy and concerned, that I have no choice. So let me be blunt: I warned of the housing collapse years before it happened, and I have been speaking out against our monetary system — cautioning that it would lead to precisely the kind of collapse we’ve just seen — for decades. My opponents do not even seem interested in figuring out what caused the crisis or trying to make serious repairs to our system. It’s just the same old talking points.

“My fellow Americans, this is serious business. We’re not deciding who’s the most smooth or telegenic. We’re deciding who really understands what’s happening to our economy and knows how to put things right. If you want a president with the credibility and the knowledge to lead our country through this very dangerous moment in history, I am your man.”
This clear thinking to the point style, btw, is why Tom should consider entering the political field.


  1. Tom Woods in the Senate would be the best thing ever. Imagine Woods on the Senate floor picking apart the statists one-by-one. If Ron Paul had the public speaking skills of Mitt Romney, he would be Tom Woods.

  2. Yes, Tom Woods for President or senator.

    In the short run, Ron Paul needs to constantly pound the idea that inflation is caused by the central bank AND your local bank creating money and credit out of thin air and that it isn't just "one of those things", a mysterious force of nature. Once average people understand that (and not until they do), they will understand how it might wreck the economy. First things first. Most people simply do not understand what causes inflation.

  3. The big knock on Ron Paul is his supposed lack of rhetorical ability.

    Tom Woods hasn't got an unpersuasive bone in his body. If he wanted to, he could run for Congress in Kansas 2. Or...

    Ron should just come out and say Thomas Woods is his running mate. It's not as crazy as it sounds. In traditional Republican politics, the top of the ticked is always looking to make up for some perceived (policy) weakness in the bottom. Ron has no weak positions, nor would he want anyone who differed with him on the issues. He could balance out his relatively poor rhetorical ability and age with the young and well-spoken Tom Woods. Tom might have to free up his writing schedule, but I'm sure the folks at Regnery wouldn't mind a little extra publicity for their star author.

  4. i think tom woods is really smart at how to answer questions in the proper way, and he knows his history better than anyone else we've got. i think sometimes he sounds a bit arrogant, though. i think if he tones that part down, he'd be perfect.

  5. The official campaign irks me. Their last ad could have been about any congressman. My congressman (not actually mine, since I want nothing to do with him, but whatever) is a big-government liberal and he gets medals for old veterans, too. I can not fathom why they don't make an ad touting Ron's support among military personnel and his pro-American foreign policy. Popular Republican attitudes toward foreign policy are the main hurdle Ron's campaign has to overcome.

    RevolutionPAC's "plastic men" ad is way better than anything the official campaign has done. But the official campaign did a money bomb right before the PAC's previously scheduled money bomb. The PAC didn't make much money. Is the ad going to air?

  6. I agree. Ron Paul should throw down the gloves and run a campaign that matches his views. He's got a bunch of hotshot Republicans insiders running his campaign who are not doing him any favors. This 'Ron Paul was the first person to endorse Ronald Reagan' BS will get him nowhere. He's got the financial crisis to vindicate his predictions that he didn't have in 2007. And he has more money now too. Listen to Tom Woods.

  7. There's a clip of Ron Paul - on the floor of Congress I believe...or perhaps being interviewed on TV - where he states clearly that all the FED intervention is not resurrecting the tech sector...and is only blowing up a real estate bubble. This was in 2002 or so! Not THAT is a commercial. Most people don't realize there were people out there who saw this mess coming.

  8. I fear for anyone getting involved in government. But with Ron Paul leaving congress, it would be great to have somebody come in and pick up where he left off. Tom Woods would be a great choice.

  9. Tom Woods for VP.

    Or, better yet, Tom Woods for Ron Paul's campaign manager slash debate coach.

  10. Tom Wood's talents are so extensive that it appears he could have been anything he desired, assuming of course he put his mind to it.

    He's been blessed with a good many gifts. One of these, his oratory skills, is an absolutely essential part of any political candidate. Having Tom as a VP and/or manager/debate coach is an excellent idea. Running for Senator is also an excellent idea.

    While I do not necessarily believe that running for office is some panacea for libertarian ideals it would give Mr. Woods a pulpit to teach others; a national platform in fact. Besides the sticky scum of Washington DC could use a very thorough deep cleaning. Tom Woods is the cleanser.

    Heh, boy, I sure hope all this praise doesn't go to his head. lol.

  11. Paul(rand)/Woods 2016!

  12. Tom Woods, an ardent Rothbardian (though, he doesn't advertise this much), running for political office? Really?

    Obviously, he has the goods and talent to do it and do it successfully; I just don't see it happening.

  13. Woods converts far more with his books, videos, etc than if he ran for office. I think he is best where he is now. He is honestly probably the best spokesperson to the average person at explaining history and econ.

    As far as his points, he is 100 percent correct. The latest RP ad is awful and is a waste of money. The Plastic Men ad is ten times better and something that would cause a rise in the poll numbers. Why the official campaign isn't running ads about Paul's econ predictions, having veterans of the wars say that RP is right about pulling the troops out, etc is beyond me.

    I think they are blowing the chance that RP and all the austrians like Lew, Wenzel, Woods, etc hae created along with all the years of RP's consistent record.

    If you read the comments on Tom's site he says that he basically is not liked by the powers that be in charge of Paul's campaign. That seriously makes me question what kind of idiots are running his campaign.