Monday, September 12, 2011

Why SolarGate Could be Worse Than Enron or Travelgate

A friend emails:
The Enron scandal was laid on George W. Bush without any proof of undue influence. I know, I watched it carefully. It was seen, correctly, as a corporate fraud undetected by regulators and was used as one of the drivers for SarBox. The other was Worldcom.
"OfficeGate" was small potatoes. Just Hillary trying to get her people into WH jobs and falsely accusing the travel office of misdeeds to do so. Repulsive but...
SolarGate may be -- emphasis on the word may -- a case of funneling federal money to a campaign donor via a short circuit of proper procedure.

So it's potentially worse for Obama than Enron was for W even though the dollar size of the Solandra collapse is much smaller.

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  1. We wrote about this over the weekend. Zero Hedge has an interesting take on the reasons for the FBI raid at Solyndra's offices last week.