Monday, October 17, 2011

Barbara Boxer Proposes Legislation to Allow Prez to Raise Debt Ceiling

Amazing, another proposal to increase the power of the executive branch.

Senator Boxer's bill would allow the president to raise the debt ceiling unless Congress formally disapproves the increase, reports The Hill. The onus for raising the debt ceiling is now on Congress, which must approve legislation raising the debt ceiling that the president then can sign.

According to Boxer, who is supported by George Soros fronts, such as

This bill will bring sanity to future debt-limit debates by laying out a clear, orderly process for raising the debt ceiling while allowing all voices to be heard.

Bottom line: This is another proposal that will weaken ties between "the people" and the growing state. Congress barely has any balls now. They for sure, the whole bunch of them, will be singing alto if this bill passes.


  1. If this legislation passes you may as well dissolve Congress. They've already given away most of their power and been negligent in their duties to serve as representatives of the people.

    Congress appears unwilling to exercise its powers whatsoever and simply finds new and inventive ways if installing greater power in the executive branch.

    What a useless bunch of underachievers. We may as well just install a dictator, nationalize every institution and private business, burn the Bill of Rights and Constitution, invade every country on the planet that doesn't have the bomb, and club a baby seal.


  2. I'm shocked this is happening.

    South America is looking better every day....

  3. It seems that the "assembly" is being dissolved, and all we're left with is a "privy council". Meanwhile, the executive is becoming the king. It's like history in reverse.

  4. This is an example of how Republicans and Democrats get along just fine outside of the wrestling ring.

    The only reason she would be proposing this now is because there is a Democrat in congress. Otherwise, she'd be taking a hard knock from the Democrats.

    But surely she understands that eventually there will be another Republican president.

    So she is setting up the Democrats to make proud, partisan speeches when the time comes and the GOP pres uses the power granted to raise the debt ceiling to fight a new war or whatever their onto next.

    Just watch.