Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Big Question: Is Herman Cain Just Dumb?

Wow, Ted Kennedy didn't even get pounded this bad.

Gawker rips Herman Cain like few dumb politicians have ever been ripped before, here.



  1. I can't believe I'm defending him, but the man came from nothing and has a bachelor's in math and a master's in computer science, and turned a bankrupt business into a billion dollar brand. However bad he is at policy, politicking, and public speaking (and he is quite bad at all three), it does not make him stupid.

  2. Reading the comments below the article makes me wonder how anyone at gawker can call someone else dumb.

  3. Anon #1 is spot on. Cain is actually quite smart, at least from IQ perspective. But wandering off the plantation, as it were, is what he is most guilty of. The punishment for that is going to be extreme.

    Though I have no intention of voting/supporting Cain, he deserves credit for standing up to the establishment as a guy who went out and did it on his own. That's the libertarian ideal, no?

  4. Well, gawker does know dumb. Bob, this is why I sometimes hate to associate with you guys. Like Lew, you people can be absolutely juvenile in your rants against ideological opponents. Yet, you get mad at neo-cons/leftists for saying Ron Paul is crazy. There is no difference. Just ad homs. However, you guys should know better. But I guess knowledge doesn't necessarily correlate to maturity.

  5. For more entertainment, see Cain's commercial on his official YouTube channel. This has been verified by CBS and other sources as coming from the campaign. I fully expect another claim of "it was just a joke" within a day or two. It's very creepy.

    Beyond that, however, I don't know if Cain is "stupid," but there's no way in hell he is "smart" from an IQ perspective or any other perspective. He's an empty suit for the most part. You can tell by the confused, half-assed way he approaches "problem" definition and solution.

    What Cain has in his favor, however, are the qualities of being driven, being willing to flail at problems until he gets them solved, and a personable approach. He's also a reverend, so he has that "reverend thing" going that I don't understand, but a lot of people seem to love that type of speaker.

    I've been in high-tech my entire working life, and I've always been very good at it. I've also owned my own companies for the majority of that period. I've generally been successful, but I've always looked around at people who are more successful by just buying and selling shit. The market values bringing consumables to market and the ability to build relationships with other people more than it values intelligence. We in high-tech don't like to hear that, but for the most part I believe it is true.

  6. Newish, you talk so highly about not going for ad hominems and yet you are displaying just that, by implying that Lew's or Bob's knowledge does not correlate to maturity.

    I wonder how much maturity one has when one spends most of one's whole life fighting for liberty, as Lew has done. I believe a lot - he has a lot more maturity than you. Then again I expect you to criticize Dr. Paul too for his apparent lack of maturity, as he has attacked a person when debating on TV by calling him overweight and to go on a diet:


    As for Cain, the answer is quite simple: he is an evil and pathological liar. Which is why he seems to be upset with Ron Paul all the time. Integrity and the propensity to lie don't mix very well.

  7. OMG! That commercial from Cain is horrible! Creepy, content-free, arrogant, and flat out strange- how the hell did he approve that hot mess of f*%kery?

    Bob, please link this on the main page- more people need to see this!

  8. I don't like Cain. He should acknowledge that Ron Paul knows a lot more than he does about everything and withdraw. Then he would go up a few notches in my book.

  9. Having a high IQ doesn't mean that you are smart. It means that you are capable.

    If you harness that intelligence for something good then you are smart. If you waste it on useless things like interventionism and keynesianism I can't call you smart, sorry.