Thursday, October 13, 2011

Developing NYPD Confrontation with 'Occupy Wall Street'

The city of New York has told Occupy Wall Street protesters that they must leave Zucotti Park at 7:00 AM Friday morning, so that the park can be cleaned.

The protesters say the park is clean and sanitary.

Think Progress is reporting:

Facing the prospects of being moved out of Zuccotti Park for a cleaning of the area and the establishment of new rules that may end up killing the occupation, Occupy Wall Street protesters have announced that they plan to stand their ground tomorrow morning. “We have decided that at 7 o’clock tomorrow, we will not leave the park,” said OWS spokesman Tyler Combelic, adding, “We are not opposed to cleaning it ourselves.”
Looks like things will get interesting.


  1. crack some skulls!

  2. So they are on private property (without express permission) and "are not opposed to cleaning it [themselves]"?

    I have a lot of empathy/sympathy for the underlying dissatisfaction of most of the protesters (even if the majority appear entirely economically illiterate), but heavens ... would it have been so hard to have organized a clean up once or twice a day ... aren't most of these folks all about "organizing" to begin with? Or do they just want to "organize" the distribution of wealth/production of goods/provision of services?

  3. Seems funny, if not ironic, to think that this protest may essentially end as a result of regulation. Its also ironic to hear people that are demanding more regulation from government on others while at the same demanding self regulation for themselves.

    Something tells me they are going to get a civics lesson first hand on how the state uses coercion to get its way.

  4. Are they going to actually work for free?
    I thought they wanted to RECEIVE stuff for free by using political violence to force others to pay?
    Good little Communists...Make Obama proud.

  5. It's just a matter of time before another Kent State type incident unfolds if the OWS crowd continues on.

    Civil unrest can only be tolerated for so long by our masters. The banksters aren't making NYPD donations for nothing.

  6. AWESOME observation, anon@640PM!

    Too bad their maleducation will likely prevent them from seeing it from that perspective.

  7. The term "Useful Idiots" comes to mind.