Friday, October 14, 2011

Dow and Nasadaq Close in Positive Territory for the Year

Closing out the week, the S&P 500 logged its best week since July 2009, while the Nasdaq and Dow finished higher for 2011.

All 10 S&P sectors ended higher, led by energy and techs.

With retail sales also strong, expect Keynesian econometric trend followers to soon start turning bullish on the stock market and economy, but since they have no sound theory to guide them. They have no clue that this is a Bernanke money goosed upturn and have no clue about the serious price-inflation that will accompany this "recovery".


  1. Your headline is wrong, not at highs for the year.

  2. highs of the year? sure about that?

  3. Print money and stuff into equities.
    The FED will murder more people around the world with massive price inflation....Again.

  4. Those retail sales again...seems all the increases were "seasonal adjustment"...everything is done net 5 percent...everything: