Monday, October 17, 2011

EPJ Reader Infiltrates 'Occupy Wall Street' (Charlotte Edition)

An EPJ reader emails:
I went to another Occupy Charlotte meeting, and was admitted to the "demands working group."

The facilitator - they don't admit to having "leaders" - said "I am a socialist. How many here are socialists?" About 10 people (of 15) raised their hands.

I think I mentioned earlier the selection process for the facilitators at the genesis of Occupy Charlotte. Very clearly dominated by card-carrying socialists.

They're trying to paint themselves as the 99%. I'd love to find a survey - would as many as 1% identify themselves as socialists in Charlotte, NC?


  1. Wait, you mean to tell me that these people are being disingenuous? Say it ain't so!

  2. Isn't this an old bolshevik tactic?

    Lenin and his faction (i.e. the bolsheviks) took the name which means 'majority', when they were clearly and numerically the minority within the Russian Social Democrat movement. The numerical majority were stuck wit the name 'menshevik' which means means minority.

    It'a all meme wars!

  3. Charlotte, NC:
    I am happy to report that this organizer, Thomas Shope by name and his 11 socialist cronies have all been banned by Occupy Charlotte. Mr. Shope took contribution funds, put them in a bank account, and refused to tell anyone even what bank they were in, much less divulge the account number. He also registered 'Occupy Charlotte' as a sole proprietorship. He has issued threats to various members of the group, including turning their names over to local law enforcement and the FBI. He is in no way representative of the Occupy Charlotte movement.