Sunday, October 2, 2011

Evidence that Chris Christie is Nothing But a Closet Leftist

Koch brothers favorite potential presidential candidate appears to be nothing but a closet leftist. Once you scratch the surface of his record and views, it's clear that Christie is simply one big interventionist. There is no indication that Christie fears a growing government or government's paws in any part of our lives.

The record shows that Christie is Al Gore leaning when it comes to climate change:

I can’t claim to fully understand all of this. Certainly not after just a few months of study. But when you have over 90 percent of the world’s scientists who have studied this stating that climate change is occurring and that humans play a contributing role it’s time to defer to the experts.
He believes there should be an "orderly path to citizenship", for illegal immigrants.

There is nothing wrong with anyone coming to America and finding a job, but citizenship is simply opening up free goodies to illegals,,e.g. government healthcare and governmnet education, when what really should be going on in America is the elimination of such government programs for current Americans.

Christie, also, supports gun control. In an interview with Sean Hannity in 2009, Christie said he supports "common-sense" gun control laws to deal with New Jersey's "hand gun problem."

He continues to see a major role for government in the education system.

At a time when the government education system is an obvious failure, creating nothing but roaming gains of youth in our major cities, Christie, speaking at the New Jersey governor's mansion, known as Drumthwacket, after private talks with U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Christie said he and Duncan "have a lot in common ... in the education reform agenda."

He also said, regarding Obama and the education agenda, "I consider myself an ally of his."



  1. And also, Christie signed the Orwellian, police-state "anti-bullying" bill into law within days after becoming governor:

  2. Perhaps if you deep fried liberty than it would be palatable to Christie.

  3. So in other words he is a republican.

  4. Really, you take a couple quotes with barely any context and call him a "closet liberal"?

    What if what Governor Christie and Arne Duncan have in common is that they both support charter schools?

    Why do you have a Chris Christie-sized stick up your butt? If you want to bad-mouth a New Jersey Governor, go with Woodrow Wilson.

  5. Christie is a former US Attorney. He spent his appointment advancing the authority, scope, and power of the US federal government. There is no way in hell he wants smaller government.

  6. Jeff B, look at his record as Gov of NJ- he's increased the scope and power of the state, even though he's made impotent and half-hearted attempts to portray himself as a "small-gov't" kind of guy.

    He's just a fatter and uglier version of Romney or Perry- nothing in his record or personal stance can be reasonably construed as "small-gov't".

  7. New Jersey has a "handgun problem"? All gun owners are required by law to obtain a firearms permit and register ownership of any firearm with their local police (I live in rural NJ, and so good luck getting farmers to do that). Handgun ownership requires a license. Concealed carry requires an additional state permit that is virtually never given to anyone who is not a cop. In short, New Jersey has the absolute most draconian firearms laws outside of banning them outright. And still, New Jersey has a "handgun problem"? Is it me, or is that an elephant in the room?

  8. I seriously doubt your credibility Mr. Robert Wenzel. You've taken some things out of context, but that's what you liberals try to keep things stirred up especially when you see a guy who is a threat to the elitist' running our country today.

  9. Brad,

    I seriously doubt your credibility since you believe Christie is, in your words, 'a threat to the elites running our country today'.

  10. Brad, calling Mr Wenzel a liberal- if you mean it in the original sense of someone who wants freedom and liberty from state power- is a compliment.

    If you mean it in the modern American sense of "power-hungry socialist who wants to control people" then you are ignorant and an asshole. You obviously haven't read ANYTHING on this site except for this one article and know nothing of which you speak.

    Chrsitie is a Big Government State and Power Worshipping parasite- he's like a tick that has drank enough blood to pop. Buy a clue.

  11. Richard Dale Fitzgerald, What powers specifically has Gov. Christie increased?

  12. I have the solution

    Vote for Herman Cane

  13. Where are the fried cheese curds I ordered?