Monday, October 10, 2011

Geraldo Chased from 'Occupy Wall Street'

To the chant of "FOX News lies", FOX News television personality, Geraldo Rivera, was chased from "Occupy Wall Street."


  1. Well what do ya say to that? FOX News and basically every other mainstream media outlet DOES lie. Truth hurts Mr.Rivera.

  2. Hell yes Fox lies. But more importantly, do these protesters chant the same when the CNN and MSNBC reporters show up? They lie just as much.....

  3. Hopefully they would do the same when NPR shows up

  4. It means nothing... tell me when they chase Blankfein, Dimon et. al. from their positions. I agree with Max Keiser... they should camp around JPMorgan and stay until "Jamie Dimon comes out with his hands up!" They should rendition him to a public park then, differing from a lynch mob, they should read the charges against him and respectfully allow him to speak. Remember Ceausescu! Only because "there are no courts in the land for men like Prothero, Sutler and the others". What is lacking is lacking and nature abhors a vacuum. It should take less than 24 hrs for the first example. Then they should go to Goldman Sachs, the offices of the complicit "watchdog" SEC, the fraudulent "ratings agencies" also. Rince, lather, repeat. If the establishment wants the mob to stop they should kick their own courts into high gear and charge ten times more men than William K. Black could ever dream. They should demand justice, retribution AND restitution... not left wing redistribution schemes.

  5. A comment above reminds me of this:

    ... "Libertarians who want to reduce the protest to one basic, powerful theme – end central banking – are likely going to find out that it will be impossible to make their voices heard. They are going to be drowned out by the screamers who want corporate blood and want the bankers "punished."

    Direct democracy is the vehicle that will accommodate these elitist-backed aims. It is "the people" that will speak, demanding that "their" government "do something" about private sector corruption. Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank will be glad to oblige, of course. They're taking orders from the Anglosphere power elite and could care less about the private-sector business of intermediation.

    They'll be happy to put Wall Street crooks in jail all day long. Corporate executives, too. Everyone will feel better but nothing much will change. In fact, it is the power elite that will benefit. ...

    This may be the plan: Another bloody French Revolution, on a rhetorical level anyway. a final push to ensure the State is empowered globally by civilian anger at the so-called private sector. Direct Democracy could be presented as the solution, the vehicle (along with the Internet) whereby "transparency" is facilitated. ..."

  6. I think if my children were that stupid and weak, I would kill them and then myself.

    Public schools are working