Saturday, October 15, 2011

'Head of Security' at Operation Wall Street is a Libertarian?

Kyle Davidson of emails this report:

RE: Identifyin​g OWS

This is a guy in one of my G+ circles: Brian

He seems anti state in general, and seems somewhat open to Ron Paul as
he has a lot of us in his circles. I do wonder about his being "head of
security" as he says in this post:

I want to apologize for my lack of reporting the past week. I've
been indulged with becoming head of security and many other roles of Occupy Wall St. I'm stepping down now from that position and will be focusing on daily news about what is going on. My journey was to find the path of enlightenment and report about it. I have learned my lesson about loosing
focus. Sorry!

Seems like a decent fellow, though.


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