Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to (Possibly) Pass Through TSA Screening without Getting Your Genitals Tapped

Naomi Wolf reports:

fyi flew back from Illinois this AM... Chosen at random from the security line [at O'hare] for a backscatter machine. Said I didn’t want to go through the machine.

taken out as always when I say that for the ‘pat down.” But this time a new question: “Do you have any sore or sensitive parts of your body?” Sensitive parts of my body? Silly question, I thought, did this nice lady never take eighth grade health class? “My genitals,” I answered, “but I gather I am not legally permitted to ask you to avoid them.” Then halleluiah SOMETHING CHANGED: she gave the rest of me a thorough pat down but avoided second and third base!!!! I went through O’ Hare airport for once UNMOLESTED! So I think this new question that seemed standardized may be a response to citizen outcry and a way for TSA to AVOID touching people’s privates without actually appearing to back down… which proves yet again that the whole molestation requirement in the first place was nothing but KINKY TERROR-HYPE THEATRE with no actual security effect. So now when you go through and want to avoid the x ray machines just say “my genitals are sensitive” (or you can try “I have suppurating syphilitic wounds,” and see what happens) and maybe you too can pass unmolested!!!


  1. Thank God. I was beginning to think we live in a authoritarian police state.

  2. So if the government fondles only 90% of your body, that's considered a victory? That is sad.

  3. I had a similar experience earlier this year in May, but with some extra discussion. About 2 months prior to flying I had a vasectomy. At security, I was going to be put into the new scanner but opted out. I calmly told the TSA agent that was going to do the pat down that I objected to this and it was against the 4th amendment. He said it was my choice to fly. I said it wasn't. He said I should tell it to the President. I said he wouldn't listen to me, and he agreed and that the President wouldn't listen to him either. Then, he asked me the same question about any sensitive areas and I said I had a medical procedure on my genitals and was still recovering. He did the search but didn't touch my junk.

  4. An acquaintance of mine was just denied his right to travel by plane in Nashville today. He refused to be groped and he was denied his flight.

    Until you plant your feet square on the ground, refuse to be searched for lack of due cause, and go to jail for a day or a week or a month and risk them beating you up if you have to because that's the only way you can enforce your rights, the TSA and the government will continue to ignore and steal your rights.

  5. Anon@425pm-

    That sucks. I hope your friend used proper protocol, and has some money, and sues the airline- if we can make the airlines feel some economic pain due to the tyrannical TSA, maybe something will change.

    Who am I kidding? Nothing short of- well, this is a public site so use your imagination- is going to get these parasites and thugs off our backs.