Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NYC 'Occupy Wall Street' Protesters to March to Residences of Murdoch, Koch and Dimon

The protesters continue to be a confused lot, while the oligarchs, Murdoch, Koch and Dimon use their money and power to manipulate government for advantage, the occupiers are heading to the residences of these three to protest the end of New York State's 2% tax on millionaires, which expires in December.

There are plenty of hardworking millionaires who do not play footsie with government the way Murdoch, Koch and Dimon do. In fact, many of them have to battle on a daily basis with regulations urged on by the oligarchs who want to slow down any upstarts who may attempt to enter the billionaire rank. Every penny that goes back into their pockets instead of the government's is a good thing. Thus the elimination of the tax is not the problem. The billionaire-government alliance is the problem.

The protesters have the targets correct, but they do not understand how the targets use government to limit their freedoms.

Also of note, it is curious that the residences of Murdoch, Koch and Dimon are on the protesters list but not the residence of George Soros. Are the protesters only against some oligarchs and not others?


  1. Sorry but the fact they are not going to Lloyd Blankfein's residence shows me they are clueless or corrupt. How can you miss the leader of the most corrupt firm in the world? Did GS already buy them off? LOL

  2. They don't want to cause trouble for Goldman Sachs because they bought Obama's election for him. Why picket Master's house when there are other plantation owners to picket?

  3. Somebody please give them Ben Bernanke's address!

  4. The mob is a stupid lot and can be pied-piper'ed in any direction that calls for stealing from the non-stupid. This has been going on for centuries....Nothing new here.