Monday, October 3, 2011

'Occupy Wall Street' Protesters in Colorado Get It

Says an EPJ reader from Colorado:

Thought you might enjoy hearing about how out here in Denver we try to protest with an informed perspective:

(We talked about the FED!)

Occupy Protests in Colorado occurred yesterday infront of the local branch of the Federal Reserve System! While on a bike ride with my Dad, we were making our way through downtown and came across the Colorado gathering of the Occupy protests, but contrary to much of the uninformed demands some are making in New York, these Colorado activists were talking about the FED! Here's some great examples of what I heard/saw from the truly diverse group of 50 activists gathered:

1) Entire group loudly chanting of "END THE FED!"

2) After that chant I addressed the crowd by discussing the links between the Fed and the TBTF banks that many expressed anger at, I mentioned that the banks wouldn't be nearly as big as they are if not for the printing press, rent seeking on American taxpayers, false urgency for bailouts etc.

3) Next, for about 10 minutes, a man stood up to talk about the specifics of inflation and the hidden inflation tax we get in the grocery store, debasement of the currency, the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, the Jekyll Island gathering at JP Morgan's hunting lodge, and the fact that both parties are beholden to the systemic risks, bubbles, and busts that the Fed creates.

It was just frankly inspiring to see a broad cross-section of Americans gathered peacefully on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Colorado to protest our monetary policy and educate one another on the most important issue our country faces. Dr. Paul's message is alive and well out here and more are making their way over to our side of liberty!



  1. i only hope that number of 50 people continues to grow!

  2. It has to make you stop and say...Hmmmm when the largest buildings in every city in Amerika are the largest 6 Fed commercial banks. Counterfeiting money pays! Imagine that.