Saturday, October 1, 2011

Protester to Jamie Dimon: Come Out with Your Hands Up

The Occupy Wall Street protesters appear to be very clueless as to what the banksters are up to, but clearly there is unrest across the land.

My guess is that most of the protesters are against "profit" and fail to realize that profit is the fuel that keeps an economy growing. They fail to realize that the real problem is not profit (and loss)but that the government protects the incompetent banksters from losses.

If the government didn't backup the banksters, these clowns would be out of business.

Unfortunately, the protesters are unlikely to understand this and are thus likely to call for more governmnet regulation, which will mean that the banksters most cozy with government will gain an even greater edge.

The banksters need to be taken down, but by the profit and loss system, not by government. Banksters will never lose control if government remains a major player. The government and the banksters are in cahoots. The government-bankster cord needs to be cut. Let the banksters go into free fall and lets see if any of them have the skills to survive in a competitive environment where Geithner and Bernanke do not have their back.

Here's a clip from the Occupy protest [San Francisco edition]. Reports have a woman calling for Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan CEO, to come out with his hands up, although that doesn't occur in this clip.


  1. That is always the problem with protecting...The majority that show up are stupid, gimme-gimme, socialist freaks.

  2. Maybe they should read Sheldon Richman and think about occupying some other culprits. (See here.)

  3. If profit 'fuels' this economy then why are there no jobs?