Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Report from Ground Zero of 'Occupy Wall Street'

EPJ reader Brian Foglia emails:

Hi Bob. I love your blog! Keep up the awesome work.

Since you seem to be interested in the Occupy Wall St. protests, here's a link to a few photos I took of the area on Monday:

The NYPD have the protesters totally surrounded. A friend asked an officer if the protesters were allowed to be there, and the cop responded that they're on private property, but the owner has not ordered the protesters to vacate. The cop didn't know who owns the park. I imagine as soon as that happens, the NYPD will net them all in and arrest them one-by-one.

The other images are of the protesters. There don't seem to be many libertarians, although I was approached by a fellow Rothbardian because I was wearing my End The Fed shirt. They have books available, but I recognized some of them from college (i.e. they are socialist books) and I didn't see any Austrian literature at all.

There's a LOT of left-wing nonsense. Direct government employment and massive public works are called for. There's not enough Fed hate floating around.

Overall, the protest itself was much smaller than I expected. I don't think much will come of this.


  1. Their reasoning is very off- "End collusion between government and big business by nationalizing all of the big businesses!!"

    "Nobody should have anything more or less than another, but all political power should be put into the hands of a small group of elected officials (taken from a set of 2 choices)"

    Socialism is the least reasonable of political philosophies, with the theorists themselves being intellectual lightweights detached from reality.

  2. Apparently mayor Bloomberg's girlfriend is on the board of the company that owns the park.