Monday, October 3, 2011

Report from Occupy Wall Street: "All Socialists Will Huddle at Such-and-Such Area."

An EPJ reader reports from "Occupy Wall Street" (Charlotte Edition)

I went to the Oct 1 Occupy Charlotte GA ( General Assembly) at Marshall Park.

After a few hours, a sort of meeting was organized; it was reminiscent of a mass wedding; I wish I had recorded it.

An organizer began reading a script in the way that a minister reads wedding vows, with pauses for the audience to repeat each phrase. The first order of business was an agreement that organizing committee names would be drawn from a hat. The inner circle were known to each other in advance. I could not see the hat, or the people drawing the names, so I can't say exactly what happened, but I can conjecture.

In any case, organizers were selected from the hat. The very next order of business, I kid you not, was "All socialists will huddle at such-and-such area."

Silence. The rest of us are wondering, OK, are they going to suggest any other groups? Next announcement: organize in small groups any way you want.

The self-identified socialists huddle. By some miraculous coincidence, the anointed leaders are all socialists.

Next item: small groups, each led by one "leader", Ostensible purpose of groups: to determine whether we shall march or not. Two people in my group, including myself, asked "any discussion about an agenda, demands, anything like that?" The leader then revealed the real purpose of these meetings - to identify possible "troublemakers." He attacked me, accusing me of trying to "poison the well."

I don't know about other groups, but this was clearly planned as a front for the local socialists. I do not mean people who are sort-of-socialist, like John McCain; I mean people with signs or t-shirts identifying themselves as socialist thus-and-so - card-carrying self-identified socialists. It wasn't the least bit subtle.


  1. Yes i have commented many times on this blog that the anti wall street crowd which are assembling across the country are nothing but radical leftest who are clueless as to what is going on. Since i Work in NYC i have gotten first hand exposure to these clowns. I think the infowars video says it all.

  2. Check out the loons at Occupy Portland:

  3. I wish you had recorded it too. Without proof you could just be someone making things up and posting them on your website. I am NOT accusing you of this, but the fact is I don't and anyone who reads this doesn't know you, so the only way to build credibility would be to provide proof--like a video.

    Please consider doing this in the future--I'd love to see what you're seeing.