Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Robert Wenzel Show: The Many Problems with Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Tax Plan

Welcome to The Robert Wenzel Show. In this first week of the broadcast, I discuss Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan and the many problems I see with it.

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  1. Haven't listened yet, but please make these available on Itunes. I guarantee your audience will be drastically larger if you do.

  2. Nice! Good first show... I wasn't expecting you to come out with it so quickly after that article the other day.

  3. Damn!!! I just started listening to the podcast and I love the funky beat in intro. It is going to be a great success!!!

  4. this started off a little soft, but you really took off after a while! awsome stuff!

  5. Please add IntenseDebate to the profile choices.

  6. Nice start, seemed like the mike was a littel hot.

    You mentioned taxes, and I had you head tax idea with a twist, mine was to get everyones head into the game, I thought that if we started out at say 50% of the first 5 or 10, then say 25% of the next 5 or 10, and then went down from there everyones head would be in the game, either cap it at 100 grand or so or make it a token tax of 1 or 2 percent just to dig in to the over achivers. not that they could use that much more in services but you could sell the plan a little eaiser that way.

    I called that one into a radio show and they got a good laugh out of it.

    My real question is are not all taxes a tax on production. What I'm trying to wrap my mind around is first we have to produce, you know food clothing and shelter the basics, after we get past that point and become more affluent, other people can service the basic production or work on higher order goods but really don't all taxes eventually fall an the producer and just suffel around the services we want, with technolegy now most anything can be over produced but we have to many freeloaders that so not want to provide any service and would rather tax then work.

    I still claim that in a free nation we would probly only have to work somewhere between 15 and and 25 hours a week to live the life styl we to day if we were not supporting so many freeloaders. Not sure how it works out with king dollar out there because we get a lot of free stuff from the rest of the world but the work we do when it is not wasted is pretty efficent and without so many restraints and not supporting the rest of the goofs that accually take away from productivity, I think we could have a pretty nice life.

    Thanks John

  7. Wow! First October snow in Upstate New York and now I wake up to a new EPJ podcast?!?!?!!!! It must be Christmas!!! God Bless us, every one, Tiny Tim Geithner!!! Printing presses and figgy pudding for al!!!!

  8. Great show.
    Now we know it's Wen-ZEL

  9. Can you figure out how to make the podcast work on an ipad

  10. Great show, look forward to the next one.

  11. Nice podcast.

    The analogy with the party next door was excellent. Schiff is seen as the master of analogies. Maybe he has some competition?

  12. How do I "download it as a podcast?"

  13. Great start Robert!

    Best of luck with the show!

  14. Wow! I'm already hooked. Does it have to be a full week until the next one?

  15. Excellent work! I look forward to listening every week. Also, you said that listeners could download it as a podcast. How does one go about doing that?

  16. Thank you for providing the link! I already have it downloaded! I agree with Anon (10/30/2011 at 2:41 AM). This would be even more awesome if it could be an iTunes Podcast.

  17. Note: I have added direction on the post as to how to download the show as a podcast.

  18. Note2: In the process of setting it up as an iTunes Podcast.

  19. I think it would be better if you put this in a different section of your website. If i want to go back to listen to this lets say 3 months later it will be very hard for us to find it.

  20. Excellent suggestion, anon@221PM.

    It will be educational to look back at this as the election gets closer.

    Good luck, Bob- hope that 1M/month milestone is around the corner!

    PS- I read a comment about Cain that raing true- he's not running an election campaign, but a high-profile book tour. He's angling for an anchor deal with FOXNews.

  21. Police protect the general population in suburban and rural areas just fine.

  22. Robert,

    Vocal is a little harsh. Use EQ to cut at a narrow bandwidth somewhere between 2.5-4.0kHz. Also, you're getting a slight doubling effect caused either by room reflections or improper use of reverb. Email me if you would like to know how to address that.

  23. Ken I guess suburban people don't indulge in low level banditry much and rural folks do their own policing.

  24. Also, rolloff all frequencies below 60Hz, there is no aurally useful information here when dealing with vocals. And, keep your paws off that mic (I used to have a yardstick in my studio specifically for mic-fondling vocalists. LOL)

  25. Excellent! Thank you for responding, Bob. By the way, have you ever considered making an EPJ iPhone/iPod Touch app like the one I have? It could have the main blog, the EPJ Daily Alert (for those who have paid for it), and The Robert Wenzel Show. Now that would be kickass (to quote Anon 10/30/2011 9:06 PM).

  26. Awesome show, Mr. Wenzel! Thanks for the truth on all these schemes. Will be listening every week!!!

  27. HABIBI (my friend) 2 suggestions:
    post a transcript...i used to pay transcript people for transcripts of pastor homilies in the days before the internet
    post a video like peter have 2 types of listeners...background listener...perhaps while driving....and foreground listeners....who want to see your will increase your total audience

    greetings and kudos from riyadh
    keep up the good work

  28. @lila now we know its wenZEL but the yiddish term of endearment would be wenz'l (eg yussl for joseph) cheers

  29. Awesome show!

    If you ever do interviews I suggest:

    Janet Tavakoli
    Iris Mack
    Joe Salerno

    and of course:

    Bob Murphy
    Lew Rockwell
    Tom Woods
    Kare De Coster
    Tom DiLorenzo
    David Gordon

    Possible topics:

    What is money and what constitutes the money supply?

    ABCT and China

    Economic Indicators: What to watch and what to watch out for

  30. Anon 6:36AM,

    Yes, I have heard that term before from my Jewish stepfather.

  31. You can subscribe in iTunes this way.

    1. Copy this URL.

    2. Open iTunes, click the "Advanced" menu, select "Subscribe to Podcast..."

    3. Paste the URL you copied into there.

    4. Enjoy your Wenzel, delivered fresh.

  32. @ Heath:

    I agree. there are lots of reasons why police are better in the suburban areas. these include smaller communities, more neighborliness, they can afford to pay them more, etc. None of those reasons has to do with the requirement of the initiation of force or aggression.

  33. Just finished listening. This is enlightening; it felt like a discourse on reality. Thank you Robert Wenzel

  34. Great Stuff, Mr Wentzel. I look forward to more podcasts.

  35. Great show, Wenzel! Loved the story about 0-0-0 taxes and how the police story illustrated tax waste and the tax myth of services and protection. Thank you for your great efforts!