Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ron Paul Thinks Now is the Time to Make His Move

Lati reports:
Fresh off a $2 million-plus fundraising day, Ron Paul is planning an advertising blitz in four early voting states in an effort to build momentum for his 2012 presidential bid...

Paul's campaign thinks now is the time to spend big.The strategy, according to spokesman Jesse Benton, is to get on the airwaves now, while they’re quiet."We also think other candidates aren’t going [on the air] right now," Benton said. "There’s going to be a certain din toward the end where you’re going to have outside expenditures – it’s going to be a little harder to get the message heard."Paul will be the first of the GOP presidential candidates to come out with a major ad campaign. He’ll spend more than $2 million over the next four weeks, much of it on television advertising. The ads will air in Iowa and New Hampshire as well as South Carolina and Nevada.
Here's the latest Ron Paul ad:


  1. I wish they'd be seen here in Ohio....

  2. Well Ohio you got your wish, welcome to the visions of the beautiful, uncorrupted mind of Dr. Ron Paul.

    Donate a valued six pack for me.


  3. Thanks for your thoughtfulness Scarlett, but I was actually referring to my wishes that Ohio's vast swath's of "Boobus Americanus" would somehow be enlightened by the ad's since they seem mesmerized and enraptured by what they see and hear on the television and would perhaps be more influenced by RP's message(s) there.

    Thanks again for the link though...

  4. This is probably his best ad yet. Simple and straight to the point.

  5. I gave RP money in 2008, and I say, "Go Ron!" However, I heard him talking to Hannity on his radio show last week and although I think he's gotten better at this type of interview, he sounded fairly wimpy. And when Hannity asked him to come on his TV show, RP gave a decidedly mumbling response. It was disappointing. Why am I going to give RP more money for ads when he won't jump at the chance of free publicity on a popular TV show? (btw, I have a very long commute -- it's the only reason I listen to Hannity on the radio -- please forgive me!)

  6. @Anon 7:57 AM,

    Please forgive me for saying that it sounds to me as if you are offering a very weak argument for your disappointment and I personally believe you are not giving a full-orbed perspective for the reasons you cite.

    Whether this is intentional or circumstantial is another matter, but I believe you are in error over RP's attitude and approach and I also believe there are good, sound reasons for the aforementioned that can be easily accounted for.