Monday, October 10, 2011

Ron Paul Will Be Closer to the Center of the Action During Tomorrow Night's Debate

Thanks to the Rick Perry crashing in the polls, Ron Paul and Herman Cain get improved placement in tomorrow night's debate.

Politico reports:

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been pushed out of center stage by Herman Cain in tomorrow night's New Hampshire Republican presidential debate.

A source on one Republican campaign forwards on the seating chart for tomorrow night's debate in Hanover, whose organizers have given the leaders in the national polls -- presently, Mitt Romney and Cain, the central spots, pushing Rick Perry a space to the left.

The arrangement gives Cain a star turn in the top-tier and puts another scene-stealer, Ron Paul, close to the center of the action


  1. There is only one tier, MSM knows it is Dr.Paul. The rest of the has been's are fading fast, and are now trying to push the insider Cain. Dr. Paul has them on the run, and shows that brains baffles bull shit every time.

  2. Looks pretty much Left to Right, going from left to right, to me.

  3. How Soviet is it that the establishment signals its views on the candidates by their podium placement...

  4. Only someone completely out of the loop of the Revolution would misplace Ron Paul. Did you hear the man at the Value Voters...he was outstanding and bold. I loved it.

  5. how is this a better placement for Dr. Paul? He is still in the 2nd teir on the platform. All that happened is that Perry got bumped down and Cain got bumped up. Ron is basically still where he was. The way they subliminally try to convince us who is "more important" by placing them in the middle is too creepy for words.

  6. I totally agree... Probably a govt. funded study was perfomed to see how the sheeple perceive the RINO establishment candidates in the middle...

    I hope that people continue to recognize the media's blatant disregard for Dr. Paul and continue to push even stronger for him!!