Thursday, October 20, 2011

Soros Among Hosts of New York Fundraiser for Elizabeth Warren

The Left really wants to see Elizabeth Warren in the Senate, bad.

George Soros and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman are among those hosting a $1,000 a plate dinner tonight in New York for Elizabeth Warren’s Democratic Senate campaign, reports the Boston Globe.

“If Hypocrisy 101 were a course at Harvard, Professor Warren would be the teacher,” said Tim Buckley, spokesman for the Massachusetts Republican Party. “Warren will have a hard time squaring her campaign rhetoric with her attendance at a glitzy Manhattan fundraiser tonight benefiting her campaign hosted by an elite billionaire financier who has been convicted of insider trading.”


  1. The mere fact that Soros has endorsed her renders her unfit for any public office... It is a badge of shame!

  2. FYI Tim Buckley is from Florida, a moneywise insider, closely connected to the Koch camp which is not necessarily a bad thing...he's VERY effective.

    I'm glad he's got work but I'd rather have him fighting away at bad legislation in Florida... alas money rules this game and Florida experiences another brain drain.

  3. Did you see this Manifesto for Global Governance
    from activists speaking for the Occupiers?
    It was in The Guardian. I blogged it here and showed the Soros connection: