Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vicious Attacks on Ron Paul and RP Movement by 'Operation Wall Street' Insiders

The emails of the "September17" google group have been publicly leaked and posted with search capability. September 17 is, of course, the launch date of Operation Wall Street. The emails suggest that the private group is some kind of broad-based OWS inner circle planning group.

Some of the emails expose Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi and NBC's Dylan Ratigan as providing the group with advice on how to deal with the media. A search of the emails for "Ron Paul"  reveals some shocking disinformation and a clear attempt to keep Ron Paul ideas from gaining momentum within the movement. writes to the group on October 10:
The early analysis of the tea party I get with the Ronulans is entirely based on an idealized view of Ron Paul which has never been true in elections: the man has been consistently and constantly pandering to the religious right and southern racists, gets his endorsements from klansmen, etc.
On October 14, responds to another member of the group:
And yet you appear to be trying to coopt OWS yourselves... If I have misrepresented your economic views, forgive me, but David you seem to have Ron Paul-style, right-wing libertarian views concerning a wing of the financial elite. Am I wrong about that? Are you, instead, in favor of unions? Are you in favor of more public jobs, of more control by working people over the economy? Please disabuse me of my fears about your platform if I am mistaken. Andy
Charles Lenchner on October 14 wrote (my emphasis):
if you want to officially distance yourself from any and all movements that have adherents on Zuccotti Park, you'll get in trouble for missing one or the other. In addition to not being coopted by the two party oligarchy, let's also pledge not to be coopted by the Workers World Party, International Socialist Organization, Ron Paul's Love-o-lution, and let's not forget the dastardly 'Committee for a Worker's Revolution.' I for one, will not stand to be coopted by any of these forces, and their omission from this statement opens the door to further coopting.
Operation Wall Street is clearly a mixed bag of characters, with heavy left wing participation at an early stage. It is unclear how OWS will develop over time, but these emails suggest that far from being open, there are clearly Ron Paul-haters in the OWS crowd, who are not afraid to spread vicious claims about a man that has consistently stood for liberty for all.

OWS may spin out of the control of the radical left wing, but clearly, at this point, they are not afraid to diss Ron Paul amongst themselves.


  1. Anyone that can't see this #ows thing heading towards some sort of populist totalitarian movement has their eyes closed. What would you expect to happen when you get a group of people together with no real purpose or idea to work towards? At some point its bound to be co-opted by those that do have a specific agenda even if it is not the agenda of the majority of protesters that have participated in this event.

    If you are a rent seeker or are not really against crony capitalism but instead want a piece of the action, then Ron Paul is your enemy. My guess is that the most vocal of the protesters that diss RP are of this type.

    This is one of the best articles I've read on the protest that I found on LR.

  2. #OWS could easily turn into a "French Revolution" type socialist overthrow- that's why it is even MORE important that RP libertarians actively participate and try to direct it towards freedom! It is gaining power each day, and that power needs to be directed towards liberty, not slavery.

  3. These OWS zombies cannot face the truth, and do not want any other human being to know it either. Dr. Paul is truth, and they hate him. The puppets running against him for the nomination also cannot face the truth, check for yourselves, the Las Vegas debates. Dr. Paul shuts them down, check their faces, total disbelief, TRUTH. The elites are running scared and only disparaging remarks count, NOT TRUTH. The scum cannot handle it.

    What finger do you see OWS zombies. Believe, it is the middle.

  4. When people are in financial trouble, they like Robin Hood, even though they know it is wrong. They don't care. If Dr. Ron Paul don't show some compassions to this group, he continue to sound like he is upholding the absolute ideal and no subsidy to anyone even for the transition period, he will lose the support of this group.

  5. Ron Paul isnt a leader, hes an anarchist who refuses to admit that our government programs is what made this country great! He wants to end education, end clean and water, end safe air travel, fire over 200,000 important government workers that will starve and go homeless, end social security (the most successful american program with over 2 trillion in surplus's as harry reid and barnie frank state), he wants to end commerce, he wants to end affordable housing, and he wants to let the free market run rampant!!!!!! This is aweful and not what america is aBout. Our constitution clearly states a general welfare for we the people!

  6. Forget about hearsay, we have definitive evidence that both the American Nazi Party and the American Communist Party endorse the OWS:

    I bet Taibbi and Ratigan won't be saying anything about this.

  7. Anonymous@12:24 AM,

    Are you being sarcastic or is this your actual view?

  8. Anon@1224am obviously went to a gubmint skool. "Aweful"? "hes"? "our/is"? "surplus's"?

    See how dumb gubmint edukashun has made the average citizen? No argument, no coherence, just regurgitation of the propaganda. Ugh.

  9. These dumb monkeys. Have you seen the manifesto of their puppet leaders (Klein, Chomsky...) calling for a OWG?

  10. "fire over 200,000 important government workers that will starve and go homeless"

    lol? Are you retarded?

  11. Anon@12:24 is dripping with sarcasm and just trolling, people. Don't waste your energy.

  12. The guys doing this smearing are the same guys who'd scream "McCathyism", as if that is or was the worst crime in history, if their affinity for totalitarian reds if pointed out.

    Of course the whole OWS thing is just the old anti-globalization crowd revisited. If the GOP were in charge they'd be running anti-Bush campaigns, but with the apparently center-left Obama in the Oval office, the use a more generic "corporate greed" bugaboo.