Saturday, October 29, 2011

Why Gary North is Raising His Fees by 33% and Why You Need a Plan to Raise Your Fees Also

Gary North is hiking the fee to his subscription newsletter by 33%. He explains why he is doing so and why you should be positionning yourself to do the same:
Prices are rising relentlessly. This is not going to change.

You can buy smarter. I recommend this. But you had better also begin to plan a strategy to raise your "fees."

I am doing this. On November 1, I will hike the monthly fee for my site by 33%. I call this a pre-emptive strike.

I am copying the marketing strategy of a millionaire Australian dentist. I write about him here:

If you are a commodity, you must compete on price. In thiseconomy, you had better not take this approach. You will getsqueezed by competitors. The Chinese work cheap. So do residentsin India. The Internet brings them into our markets.

You need to become a concierge supplier. The cable TV show, "Royal Pains," is all about a concierge physician in the Hamptons.He is not short of money. He was when he was an ER physician. Hewas also at risk of being fired, which is what happened to him. He made the switch only when he had to. He should have made it earlier.

Think through how you can add value to your services. One way is to create a free blog site on Another is to create a free YouTube channel. I show you how to do this in this free department.

If you do nothing to re-position yourself, you will get squeezed by the domestic economy. Most people will sit tight and hope . . . and get hit by the 18-wheeler that is heading for them. I say "get out of the way while you still can.

"Gary "Concierge" North

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  1. Is this a way of telling us your raising your dpi daily alert. Hehe