Sunday, November 20, 2011

Condoleezza Rice on What Presidential Candidates Need to Know about Foreign Policy

It sounds to me like what Condoleezza Rice seems to think that the only thing presidential candidates need to know about foreign policy is that the United States is an empire, playing a "special role" in the world. That is all.

To understand blowback from such a role, to understand George Washington's warning about foreign entanglements, not as important. Thanks, Condi.


  1. Condi is Queen of Western economic mercenaries. She advised the Saudis to grow their middle class while America's imploded (under W.'s watch).

    Her State Department reached out to the Gadhafis, intent on gaining Western corporate access to his billions in cash and huge oil reserves.

  2. Yes, and one can see how the Bush Administration's policy worked out. Trillions wasted on Iraq and the real winner from that war is Iran as they have emerged with decisive influence in that country. With some $14 trillion in debt, the US can no loger afford to be an Empire. The whole world basically sponges off the US military's protection of vital sea lanes and keeping the flow of oil going. Meanwhil, the Europeans have been slicing their defense budgets like mad.

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