Monday, November 7, 2011

The Desperate Federal Reserve

More Ron Paul impact?

I'm not sure how many other branches this is going on at, but the Boston Federal Reserve branch fired big chunks of their communications department on Friday.

Top officials at the Boston Fed then called the remainder of the employees in the communications department into a meeting and said things have to change.

I'm told one of those fired immediately went outside and joined the Occupy Boston protesters that were outside the Boston Fed building.


  1. The Evil Empire is starting to crumble...

  2. As Dr. Gary North says:

    "Find something evil that wobbles, and push it."

  3. I have noticed the complete ineptitude of every single Austrian opponent for 40 years (especially since the current crisis) including so-called “sophisticates” like Krugman and Yglesias (and Bernanke). Since Krugman and Yglesias now explicitly blame “Ron Paulians” for the popularity of crankish views that have successfully stopped money dilution in its tracks (according to them), maybe the powers-that-be have decided to come up with a more sophisticated BS response than what they’ve been trying.

    But they will probably just settle for having the government take over all media frequencies.

  4. Any connection with the previous story? Boston Fed guy goes to Athens, Boston Fed P.R. department gets shown the door. Are they concerned that some info on "Our Man in Athens" might leak? Give the whole department the 'Three Days of the Condor' treatment to plug leaks in advance.