Friday, November 18, 2011

Did the Head of Irish Government Seek Approval of His Budget from Germany's Merkel?

Check out this CNBC report:
Having spent billions of euros they didn’t have, governments across Europe are now finding out the hard way that without money they have to accept things that they would rather not be doing—namely, taking orders from Angela Merkel in Berlin and Mario Draghi in Frankfurt.

Late on Thursday, in Dublin, a scandal rocked Enda Kenny’s government when reporters got hold of the Irish budget three weeks before it was due to be unveiled to the Irish people.

According to a document seen by Reuters, Irish VAT is expected to rise by 2 percent and despite denials from Dublin, it appears very likely that Kenny’s visit to Berlin this week saw him ask Angela Merkel for approval of his spending plans for 2012.
With the Telegraph reporting on a memo that details a plan by Germany to prevent a British referendum on the overhaul of the European Union, so that Germany can just muscle the changes through that would put Europe on the road to one giant super-state,this latest news is not going to sit will with the Irish, or in most other parts of non-German Europe.

To be fair to the German people, the average German is not in on this plot. Indeed, a friend who is somewhat familiar with the situation, indicates to me that enormous pressure is being put on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to move in the direction of a Euro super-state.

Bottom line: Lew Rockwell may have been on to something when he suggested months ago that Merkel might be the victim of banskter blackmail.


  1. "Did the Head of Irish Government Seek Approval of His Budget from Germany's Merkel?"

    The bailout deal struck after some Irish banks tanked allows for German government advisors to set up shop in Dublin.

    I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the Irish Budget is in German and that Kenny was in Berlin to collect it.

  2. Merkel is a bankster puppet from the start - How do you think she got to where she is? Come on people...THINK! Research how she became head terrorist of Germany...How the banksters needed to get rid of Garhard Schroeder.