Thursday, November 3, 2011

EPJ Technical Problems

The Blogger platform that I use to upload posts is in the process of being "upgraded" by Blogger, which has resulted in enormous instability in the site.

I have had problems develop across the board. From mysterious font styles appearing, to huge gaps between paragraphs. It appears that I may have also lost some comments and I understand the twitter feed is taking readers to the rss feed, which means you have to click through twice. My apologies for all of this. As we become aware of problems, we are developing workarounds, but sometimes it will take time to figure out a workaround.

If any of you readers notice any other oddities popping up at the site, please detail the problem in the comments section so that we can work on a fix. Thanks.


  1. Place a notice and request for comments on the sidebar for a short time where they will not move down the page into obscurity.

  2. Does that mean full text-RSS finally?

  3. Mr. Wenzel,

    Have you considered moving over to Wordpress? I think the multitude of plugins would really help you and make the site even better. If you need any help or have question please don't hesitate in contacting me.