Friday, November 11, 2011

The Fed Examines the Role of Central Banks in Financial Stability

Yup, you read the headline correctly, the Fed is going to talk to itself about central bank financial stability, at the same time they are pumping money at a rate of 15% that will send the economy on another roller coaster ride.

An EPJ reader sends along this note and pic:
I've been reading your site for a few months now and I have been really enjoying it. The company I work for rents space from the Federal Reserve building in Chicago. When walking into work this morning, I saw a poster for a conference being held today and thought of sending it to you instantly.

I also have appreciated your posts on the MF Global debacle because I work for a clearing firm and these last 2 weeks have been hell trying to get the mess sorted out. Thanks for the great daily reading and keep up the good fight.

The EPJ reader also has a response to the message delivered in the poster.

They haven't created stability! They're still screwing the economy since the day they started.


  1. This is like the local criminal bosses getting together to discuss how they have helped the community. Similarly, they could point to things like increased police employment, increased business for trucking insurance, low bribe rates, decreases in contract killings (from last year), etc.

    Ah, what a show this is.

  2. In other news, Pimps Examine the Role of Ho's in Financial Stability

  3. can I assume that the hand in the poster is the fed and that the hand is removing the pillar?

  4. On the next slide tomorrow the Fed's (should be in black with a glove)hand is taking the other end pillar.Yep, you guessed it!There is no third slide.

  5. And please join us for our next seminar, entitled "Are Foxes doing enough to Guard Hen Houses?"