Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Geithner's Meeting with Economists

On Monday evening, Treasury Secretary Geithner hosted a dinner with economists. EPJ has obtained a list of the attendees. For the record here they are:

John Campbell, Professor of Economics, Harvard University
Karen Dynan, Vice President, Brookings Institution
John Haltiwanger, Professor of Economics, University of Maryland
Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, Chief Economist, Ford Motor Company
Robert Shimer, Professor of Economics, University of Chicago
Janet Yellen, Vice Chair, Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Federal Reserve
Steve Zeldes, Professor of Economics & Finance, Columbia Business School

Campbell is a hardcore econometrician. He is author of The Econometrics of Financial Markets.

Dynan was a supporter of QE2 and sees no price inflation problems in the economy.

Haltiwager is another econometrician who specializes in longitudinal establishment data bases and the longitudinal matched employer-employee data bases. I'm sure Geithner found his input inspiring.

Hughes-Cromwick plays the revolving door. Before joining Ford, she was a staff economist on the President's Council of Economic Advisers.

Shimer conducts research in the search and matching approach to labor economics.

Janet Yellen is a well known, long-term Fed inflationist.

Zeldes has a working paper on the web that suggests the Social Security shortfall is somewhere between 18% and 68%.

After reviewing this list, there is one conclusion that can be reached, Geithner's evening would have been much better spent reading Murray Rothbard's What Has Government Done to Our Money?

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  1. I would point out that The Mystery of Banking by Murray N Rothbard is perhaps the best textbook on sound banking that exists.