Thursday, November 10, 2011

Google's Larry Page Hates Email

Clare Cain Miller at NYT reports:
Larry Page, Google’s chief executive, so hates wasting time at meetings that he once dumped his secretary to avoid being scheduled for them. He does not much like e-mail either — even his own Gmail — saying the tedious back-and-forth takes too long to solve problems.

And speaking of emails, this is a good point to mention that I appreciate all the emails I receive from EPJ readers, but it is impossible to respond to all of them on an individual basis and be able to get anything else done. But, I do try to incorporate, in posts, answers to questions contained in emails, if I think they might have broad appeal. So please, keep the emails coming, even though I respond only to a few, I'm reading them all.


  1. Off topic -- Ron Paul needs to go speak before a Nation of Islam gathering. He would find a warm welcome to his freedom from government and freedom from The Fed message.

    Farrakhan in fine form, again (I saw this at The Daily Bell):!