Monday, November 21, 2011

The Hill: If Ron Paul Wins Iowa, All Bets are Off

The Hill's Brent Budowsky spots the Ron Paul train roaring down the tracks:
There are now multiple polls that show Ron Paul has gained support and has a legitimate chance to come in first or second in Iowa and New Hampshire. I would now call Ron Paul one of three front-runners in both Iowa and New Hampshire alongside Mitt Romney and a third candidate, currently Newt Gingrich. If Ron Paul wins Iowa, which he might, all bets are off. Also, most analysts miss the fact that many states have open systems where independents, and in some cases Democrats, can vote for a Republican nominee. This could give a further boost to Paul.

It is now time to give Ron Paul the attention he deserves in debates and throughout the political community...

The campaign gets very interesting if Newt Gingrich joins Herman Cain, Rick Perry and Donald Trump in collapsing, which would give Paul a head-to-head contest with Romney


  1. RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!

    No one but NO ONE is a better person to elect than this man. He GETS it, and will help us GET OUT of this MESS! More and more people are finally starting to catch on.

    Go, Ron, go!

  2. But if Ron Paul wins, Iowa will be disregarded by the media as an unimportant primary. Whereas if Romney wins, or any of the other candidates beat Romney, it will portend a precedent for the entire election cycle.

  3. They laughed, they ignored. they fought him, losing will teach them a lesson.
    Ron Paul just might go all the way!