Tuesday, November 8, 2011

James Altucher Turns Against the Fed

James Altucher has probably been against the Fed for some time, but now it's on paper and looks serious:
I’m starting to agree with the people who are against the Federal Reserve’s creation in 1913. Society has slowly inflated itself to a point where the cost of things we need are costing more than our deflating incomes, making it impossible to continue enjoying the fruits of middle class-dom.
There's a lot more interesting thoughts and observations in his latest post, How to Have More Common Sense.


  1. Found James through your blog. He will be speaking in NYC on December 6th to the Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs. Here's the link to the event.


  2. This is by design...The American people are now just tax slaves like the European Borg Collective. The central banksters are farmers and the taxpayer are their farm animals. What did you expect would be the result of a counterfeit money racket?