Saturday, November 26, 2011

Krauthammer: Ron Paul is Living in the 1920s

Neo-con WaPo columnist Charles Krauthammer doesn’t have a problem with any of the GOP presidential hopefuls’ policy stances, except for those held by Ron Paul, reports The Daily Caller.

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Inside Washington,” Krauthammer said:
Probably everyone except Ron Paul, who is living in the 20s, who thinks we can have a moat around the United States and if we ignore the world, the world will ignore us.

Krauthammer may not have noticed this, but the Atlantic ocean and Pacific ocean make for pretty damn good moats. Further, when countries stay out of foreign entanglements, as George Washington warned that we should, even countries that are surrounded by land masses controlled by others, like Switzerland, seem to do pretty well for themselves.

Further, Krauthammer has his history wrong. Ron Paul doesn't want to go back to the period just after Woodrow Wilson, who was President from 1913 to 1921, he wants to go back to the pre-Wilson America.

The Federal Reserve, the FTC and the income tax were all created under Wilson and he got us into World War I, after running on a anti-war re-election platform. Is this, the post-Wilson, United States what Ron Paul yearns for, I doubt it? The America that Ron Paul wants to see is a return to the pre-Wilson America, before the IRS and the Fed. Krauthammer has no clue as to what he is talking about.


  1. Krauthammer is like Cheney in his elitist attitude. He's always so tired, like "all right let me explain, once again, more slowly this time to you idiots." Like Cheney, he's got some mental glitch that seems to disallow any earnestness in his style (the exact opposite of Ron Paul). Like Cheney, he is probably very well read and thoughtful in comparison to the average person. He always wins debates, and for that reason he begins to believe he knows everything.

    As Hayek explains, mankind will never move forward until people begin to understand the limitations of their knowledge. No matter how much one person has read, no matter how much one person knows, the amount they don't know is vast. Charles should try, for once, to be a bit like Ron Paul. Ron Paul tries to convince his supporters. Every statement from him is made with a spirit of inquiry... like "hey guys, check this out, look at what I've discovered.. isn't it true that...??" He doesn't talk down to anyone. Charles, in comparison, is just so tired with the idiocy, and stupidity he sees all around him. I'm not saying I disagree with him, or that I don't understand that attitude, but I definitely prefer Ron Paul's response to those circumstances.

    And of course these differences bleed into how they see the world in their foreign policy. If you see people around you as living, moving, undefined beings, and you believe they will respond to truth, then you don't look to dominate and control them. You look to help them "grow" toward your way of thinking. If, on the other hand, you see them as stupid, and have written them off as never able to understand truth, then you seek to control them - like they're animals.

    Charles Krauthammer in short, seems to have a captive mind:

  2. I'm really sick of neo-cons like K who lust for blood all the time. They aren't happy unless American boys are dying some where in the world.

  3. The only enjoyment I get from watching Charles on TV is every time he struggles for breath between each of his sentences.


    Here is Krauthammer endorsing some 1920s policies, though they were of Leninist Soviet Union 1920s!

    This really needs to be spread as much as possible. This idiot daring to attack anyone from some sort of historical context while previously advocating completely disarming the American people, and not remembering the things that have happened when citizens have been disarmed, whether it was the Jews in Germany or everyone in the Soviet Union?

  5. Wenzel, please put up the Krauthammer quotes about wanting to disarm every citizen like how Woods did. With the traffic your site gets, it will help spread to a lot of people and show the idiocy of the RP critics like Krauthammer.

    We need to discredit this idiot, and his own words are a perfect way to do it. Even many democrats these days are pro gun, so Krauthammer is really showing his elitist DC mindset that would be extremely unpopular with the GOP primary voters if it were made known.

  6. Ghandi: ignore, ridicule, fight, win.

  7. God how I hate Neocons! Krauthammer cares only about the Israeli regime and has absolutely no allegiance to the U.S. or the American people.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  8. Krauthammer is the crazy one, something wrong with someone who wants so much death and blood. And this "moat" crack is a deliberate lie. Ron Paul advocates no such thing. Isolationism is not the same thing as Non-interventionism...maybe someone should explain that to Krauthammer...real slow so he gets it.

  9. like any liberal and neocon, Krauthammer is a closet dictator. He wants to go back to 1400's and make himself King of all the peasants and noblemen.

  10. Krauthammer is not a good guy. He was part of an interview with Ron Paul one time and he was trying to mock Ron with his questions. I was so pissed I e-mailed him.

  11. The moat argument is rehash of the old fallacy that "isolationism was good in the 19th century, but made obsolete in the 20th century by submarines and airplanes".

    To the contrary, it is possible to argue that it is interventionism that is now obsolete in the 21st century. The low cost of international travel and the increasing interconnectedness between people around the world have undermined the old interventionist dynamic. It is the interventionists who really imagine a castle protected by it's moat and TSA gatekeepers whilst sending punitive expeditions wrapped in superior armor out to teach lessons in civilisation to fuzzy wuzzies. That was the "golden age" of interventionism in a nutshell. And it's over.

    The globalisation of the cheap air ticket means blowback from interfering in the domestic politics of foreign lands is now cheap. At the same time improved communications mean the gap between the technological haves and have nots can be more easily breached and the lessons learned more easily shared. At the same time 'nation building' abroad -whether for "humanitarian" or "anti-terrorist" reasons an expensive, timely and often failure prone mission.

    So if anything isolationism, in the sense of not interfering in the internal politics of foreign nations (and every gift to the "ins" alienates the "outs"), is really more up to date than old fashioned interventionism which is sold with a never ending homage to WW2.

  12. "Ron Paul doesn't want to go back to the period just after Woodrow Wilson, who was President from 1913 to 1921, he wants to go back to the pre-Wilson America."

    Man, libertarians really need to quit saying stuff like that because some of us are trying our damnest to persuade blacks to become libertarians! Instead, just say Ron Paul wants to abolish the Fed, the IRS, and all the other needless federal bureaucracies that have been screwing us ever since their inception. Just don't talk about "going back" under any circumstances, especially back to "pre-Wilson America!" Besides, such language, regardless of context, plays right into liberals' and leftists' hands.