Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oakland Faces General Strike on Wednesday; Plans Include Disruption of the Port

It could get crazy in Oakland tomorrow.

Occupy Oakland has called for a general strike in the city on Wednesday. The immediate justification for calling for the strike is because an Iraq war veteran who was seriously injured in a clash with Oakland police, last week.

However, as the below video shows, the general strike is about much more than a standing in solidarity with the injured occupier. The occupiers are warning that they will occupy any banks and other financial institutions that remain open during the strike.

They also plan to disrupt the Port of Oakland in the evening.It should be noted that an international agriculture corporation, Bungee Limited, was specifically singled out by the occupiers as having a presence at the Port, through a subsidiary. George Soros has a major presence in agriculture through  Adecoagro S.A. Bungee is a major competitor of AGRO. All coincidence I'm sure.

 The rhetoric calling for the general strike is all anti-capitalistic, as you can hear in the video. One speaker calls for the "circulation of capital" to be blockaded. Another addresses the crowd as the "fellow victims of world capitalism." A third states that "capitalism has failed us."

Clearly, this group is unable to make the distinction between capitalism and crony capitalism. As usual, besides some general calls for a takeover by the people, the group seems to not know what they want. But others are sure willing to give them direction. Towards the end of the video,you will hear that the SEIU will join the general strike. The SEIU just happens to be one of President Obama's largest supporter. In 2009, then SEIU president Andy Stern was the most frequent visitor to the White House.



  1. I doubt 80% of the entire population can make the distinction between capitalism and crony capitalism.
    I also will bet an ounce of gold that the bottom %80 don't even realize that they are slaves.

  2. Profound...ly ignorant. Like Tom says, the socialists always seek out the dumb ones. Its one idiot after another on this video. Yeah they hate capitalism but they sure as hell want all the benefits that come from it. Socialists seem to always define the benefits of socialism in terms of the things only capitalism is capable of providing.

    God help this country if the 1% go on general strike.

  3. Hey Bob,

    It really makes one wonder why the Oaklanders would decide to express solidarity with a union all the way up the west Coast. Surely Oakland has many more local issues that they could express solidarity with.

    From an article [ http://articles.sfgate.com/2011-07-09/bay-area/29754333_1_furlough-days-mandatory-furloughs-lower-deficit ] :

    "All five of Oakland's unions have ratified contracts with the city of Oakland, eliminating $23 million of the city's projected $58 million budget deficit.

    Some of the savings will come through increased pension contributions and reduced pension benefits for new hires. But much of it will come through increased shut-downs of city services. Some workers will have mandatory furloughs of over three weeks a year, not including vacations or sick leave.

    The result is that even as the last of the city's unions approved contracts early Friday morning, some questioned whether furloughs were the right path for the city to be pursuing."

    I always look suspiciously when people make Soros links as I think he has become hyped to boogeyman status by good ol' Glenn Beck. But I have to say that I think you're onto something.

    Both Adecoagro and Bunge are big into oilseeds, ethanol (people still make this crap?), and sugar, among other things. Each of these companies is also engaged in "sustainable" agriculture, but I've been woken up as to how often that term is over and misused.

    The co-opting is evident to a sleuthing eye. As always, thanks for making the links and power analyses, Bob!

  4. so these people are complaining against the police but want a bigger socialist government. Maybe I'm the retard.