Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Prepare for Madness Near Wall Street Tomorrow

Occupy Wall Street protesters are planning a massive action across lower Manhattan, tomorrow. Thursday's agenda, according to BI includes:
7 a.m. — Shut down Wall Street. Occupiers will meet at Zuccotti and march to the NYSE

3 p.m. — Occupy the Subway. Gathering at 16 central hubs.

5 p.m. — Foley Square. March from the square to Brooklyn Bridge
This protest was originally planned before the occupiers were rousted from Zucotti Park, but the police action in the park against the occupiers will likely bring greater intensity to the protest.

Nkruman Tinsley told Metro NY, “On the 17th, mark my words, we’re going to burn this city down."

In a YouTube video, a protester is heard saying:
No more talking. They’ve got guns, we’ve got bottles. They’ve got bricks, we’ve got rocks…in a few days you’re going to see what a Molotov cocktail can do to Macy’s.


  1. When did Macy's become a primary dealer?

  2. Well Obama?

    Still support OWS now?
    Going to support people who threaten throwing molotov cocktails at a business?

    Meanwhile, the pathetically ignorant on the right will probably call these people "anarchists" at the same time they're calling them socialists looking for bigger government.

  3. Marxists thrive on violence.

  4. Spoiled brats throwing a (very dangerous) temper tantrum. They don't have a clue!

  5. While my statement is not to be construed as a defense of violence, it wouldn't be surprising to see and/or hear of its occurence in relation to OWS.

    In a sense, it's all many people know.

    Unfortunately, we have been born and raised in a society so influenced by the violence of the state that a self-justifying position can readily and easily be found when necessary.

  6. Why occupy the subway? The only people that take the subway that work on Wallstreet are the workers aka the 99% to these nuts. The big wheels aka the 1% to these nuts all take limo's.

  7. Limos are for the peasants...They use helicopters.