Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Robert Wenzel Show: What You Need to Know about Salespeople

This we I discuss a very misunderstood group, salespeople. Learn how to identify different types of salespeople and learn  how they can help you.


  1. Great show!

    Lots of useful protips.

  2. Awesome show, Bob! I think the advice for young people is prudent. Keep up the good work!

  3. There's some great advice in this show.

    I love the bit about going to 3 different Radio Shacks to find the right answer. I use this strategy all the time. Especially when it comes to dealing with customer service representatives over the phone.

    Recently, I called the same service line two dozen times before I got the answer I was looking for. I just hung up anytime I met resistance and called back until someone gave me the information I was looking for. I never even spoke with the same person twice!

  4. This is excellent. Please provide a link to download the audio, as we could listen while traveling.