Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ron Paul: Obama Presidency On The Verge Of Being A "Dictatorship"

Ron Paul tells it like it is, once again. He says President Obama's continued use of the executive order "brings the modern presidency dangerously close to an elective dictatorship."

"That is arrogant," Dr. Paul said of Obama frequently using the executive order.



  1. I believe that many Americans don't even realize just how many times Obama has used the Executive Order, which in reality , he is practicing Dictatorship, does that not automatically enforce Congress to charge him with TREASON? Him and all of his ZCars, was the first sign, are we going to stand back and just watch? SENATORS and CONGRESSMAN/WOMEN, put your foot down and save this Country, before its too late. Thanks, GOD Bless !!!!

  2. This article is very lame and not worth the time to even open ! Come up with something that has value to your audience

  3. Whatever happened to progressive critics of 'the imperial presidency'?

  4. Is it any surprise that the CEO of Mann Financial, who had no problem using and losing the people's money as though it belonged to him and his firm, is a former U.S. Senator? The psychology of how the government handles our money was just carried over into his new job. We need Ron Paul's integrity.

  5. Amen. Obama is even worse than Bush, and remember how many leftist types complained about Bush being a dictator? Obama has managed to be worse on every single issue, which I didn't think would be possible.

  6. why is he still coughing the language that we're on a "verge" of dictatorship. This IS dictatorship!

  7. SWAT has not hit a single cell, but the reverse, has SWAT the planet into a cancer, if not heartbreak. The Golden Thread needing us as the Silver Needle is Indira Singh's interview in 2005 on Guns and Butter. Look it up, then let's SWAT the cell, and show GoAgile who knows what.

  8. Many Republicans don't understand the GW BUSH had MORE CZARS than Obama does. Please get the facts before making embarrassing statements. As far as Exec. Orders are concerns, the Republicans have so effectively eliminated the democratic process that somebody had to do something to meet the current economic crisis.

  9. Dr. Rodolfo Nodal tarafaNovember 13, 2011 at 10:34 PM

    With a public like many of the writers of superficial comments and opinions on this post, ans dicharging emotion rather than responsible though and analysis, no wonder theis robotized country is in deep, deep terminal trouble.

    We have only ONE chance to MAYBE do somenthing about not losing everything, and that chance is called; DR. RON PAUL. If we miss this time, we are done for as a nation.

  10. grmagic (obviously a delusional liberal: unsubstantiated slander)
    Would you care to give an example or 3 as to HOW the Republicans have "eliminated the democratic process"????

    Just to clarify: I hate the Republicans.
    But I detest the Democrats.
    (2 sides of the same coin / enemies of our country, our Constitution and our freedom)

  11. The populus doesn't know about and doesn't care about any Congressional, Judicial, or Presidential legislation.
    The public does not know about or care about Presidential Directives or Executive orders. Most of the populus cannot even read legislation written by Ivy League attorneys.
    Most folks I know are obsessed with the NFL, the NBA, College Sports, "America's Got Anything" game shows and sports and celebrity living.
    The Constitution is gone, beginning with the illegal formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. This is not the USA I was born into. The Congress and the Senate are as much bought and paid for as the Executive Administration. The US Government is the largest corrupt criminal organization that I know.
    Only a coup might rectify this Fascist state.