Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ron Paul's Reaction to the Central Bank Moves

Ron Paul tells it the way it is: In this CNBC interview, he correctly points out that we are bailing out the Greeks and it is a worldwide quantitative easing. The price inflation will come. He also explains why it is very unlikely he will run as a third party candidate.


  1. When the host brings up Perot, it sounds promising (a 3rd party run), but Perot was a BILLIONAIRE!
    RP says just getting on ballots would take 99% of our resources, so it's kinda no-go. (sigh)

  2. Can you post youtubes, and thus use your traffic to push the message on Youtube? 80 million people traffic Youtube each month.

  3. The worldwide quantitative easing is looting of the world's 99% people and give it to the 1%. What a quick way to quantum leap the wealth of the rich.